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Elope to Italy and escape the stress of organizing a wedding

elope to Italy

Elope to Italy

Elope to Italy and flee from all the problems that come with the planning of a large wedding. Sounds good, doesn’t it? After all, Italy is amazing, everyone knows the food and wine, incredible scenery, centuries-old history, art and architecture and of course enthusiastic Italian people.

Eloping can be so exciting and exhilarating but just like anything it still needs organizing well so that it stays fun and enjoyable. Otherwise, that romantic notion of escaping to exotic locations and secretly getting hitched can easily become yet another impossible challenge. Well notto to worry as we’ve got your backs and are here to help your Italian wedding come true.

5 Great Reasons to Elope.

  1. Weddings are very expensive. You can avoid having to spend large amounts of money on your wedding. You don’t have to spend on food, decor, accommodation and locations. You also don’t have to spend your hard earned money on the guests you can spend it on yourselves!
  2. Weddings can often cause family tension and stress over issues like “Who should we invite”. Well all of those worries will soon disappear when you only need to think about what’s on your packing list and will the dress fit in the suitcase.
  3. Some couples pass a year or more planning an elaborate wedding but this often causes stress and anxiety. Well, now you only need to think about yourselves… This means you can just plan what is important to you and enjoy it!
  4. As you are eloping you won’t have any guests so you can concentrate on doing what you really want and not what others want. Book what you want, buy what you want. It’s all about you.
  5. No need to worry about not telling people you are getting married. Just because you didn’t invite people to your wedding doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it with them. Once you are married you can go home and have a party where you share the news and photos with all your friends and family. A party is easy to organize and fun and costs a lot less than a wedding.
elope to Italy

Italy Blessing Ceremony

How to steal away and have a perfect secret wedding.

I love photographing weddings. I want to send you home with incredible photos to amaze your friends and family. However, a beautiful elopement in Italy is not just about the photos, to make it unique we also need to think about some of the details that will make it special. I appreciate that eloping to Italy may seem like a daunting task so to make it easier for you we can help you with your perfect elopement.

Ideas for your intimate private wedding.

Our Packages

To make the process really easy for you I have created some packages. These are not set in stone, we can also customise them for you.

Please bear in mind that we receive a lot of requests but due to limited availability on our part, we only work with clients that want to do something wonderful.

Below are galleries elopements of past clients, have a look and if you like what you see contact us via the form here. If you are actually looking to have a wedding with quite a few guests then you might want to read about wedding planning in Italy and also consider our own planning and coordination services.

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