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Exquisite Elopement in Tuscany

Romantic black and white portrait at elopement in Tuscany

There is nothing more romantic than two amazingly good looking people so much in love deciding to have an elopement in Tuscany. A private fairy tale wedding – just the two of them. Beautifully planned by Primavera Dreams this is one of my favourite luxury elopements to Italy.

Let’s start by talking about Villa di Geggiano. Originally built in the 14th century, Villa di Geggiano, its gardens, and decorations are exquisite. The careful renovation and restoration of the venue are breathtaking. The Bandinelli family continue to manage the villa and the precious surrounding vineyards. The Villa is a National Heritage site of outstanding beauty. The Villa served as a set for the movie “Stealing Beauty” by Bernardo Bertolucci, in which Liv Tyler debuted.

Elopement in Tuscany

Immagine the history, beautiful frescos, ancient cypress trees, romantic gardens surrounding you and there is no one else there, just the two of you living in the moment.

The bride gets ready upstairs. Cherie Spisso is doing hair and make up for the bride who will be wearing an Ines Di Santos dress that is to die for called “Mimi”. I can’t think of a better dress for this bride and she looks stunning as she dances around the rooms like a princess. To complete the look of the bride, she wears some contemporary pieces created by Monica Coscioni owner and designer at Spazio Manassei in Rome and Orvieto.

Perfectly elegant bride at her elopement in Tuscany

The groom is getting ready in the contemporary suites at Villa di Geggiano and once he is ready I photograph him for his final touches in the beautiful rooms of the ground floor. The bride is ready and she is super excited and happy with her dress. I take some portraits of her and then it’s time for an emotional ceremony. Giuseppe Rossi from Blessings from Italy is waiting in the chapel of the villa to celebrate this union.

Intimate ceremony in the chapel

The bride and groom are visibly emotional and extremely happy at the same time. After the ceremony and exit from the chapel the wind picks up, so we quickly take advantage of the beautiful gardens for some pictures with the villa in the background. A storm is looming but no one cares. A few spots of rain start to fall but it doesn’t matter as it’s time to head inside for a romantic dinner.

The table, as well as the ceremony, has been beautifully decorated by Stiatti Fiori, a combination of “artists” works to make this setup the most romantic and at the same time appropriate. The colours and items selected blend in harmony with the frescoes of Villa di Geggiano. The Contemporary artist Sofia Rocchetti designed and produced by hand the bride and groom’s chairs and tablecloth, Preludio Noleggi provided the beautiful crystal chandelier and dinner set while Monica Tallone designed and made by hand the bride and groom signs and menus.

The couple playfully enjoys a tender moment and a few steps of a first dance before they sit for their beautiful romantic candle lit dinner. Villa di Geggiano serves a lavish menu, their own delicious wines accompnay the gourmet food. I discretely leave the villa to let them enjoy their evening and a perfect end to a memorable and meaningful elopement in Tuscany. Many people decide to elope to Italy and it is easy to see why when you can celebrate your love in locations like Villa di Geggiano.

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