How to plan an elopement in Italy

How to plan an elopement in Italy

Relax, we have got your backs and are going to tell you exactly how to plan an elopement in Italy. The main reason you may struggle with organizing your wedding in Italy is if you let yourself get overwhelmed by too many choices. Where to elope in Italy is often where people often come unstuck. Don’t worry, we will tell you about the best places to elope in Italy.

Many of our elopement clients come to us because they no longer have the desire and passion to complete the large wedding they were planning. Sometimes costs spiral out of control, and occasionally tension develops between families. It’s easy to see how the big traditional wedding can lose its appeal.

The last thing you want to do is abandon the idea of a traditional wedding and then discover that planning your elopement also becomes another unpleasant, stressful task.

How to plan an elopement in Italy

Plan your elopement in Italy with some expert advice

At some stage, when planning your wedding, you will need to engage the services of a professional wedding planner. I suggest you do this from the start. An Italian elopement should be an exhilarating idea that excites you and your partner. Hiring someone who knows the ins and outs of how to plan an elopement in Italy will make the whole process so much more enjoyable.

Well, don’t worry. We are here to make sure that you experience a perfect destination wedding in Italy.

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Can you elope in Italy?

Absolutely! One option is to have a legally binding wedding in Italy. Or you can make the whole thing even more straightforward by getting married back home and then having a blessing or symbolic ceremony in Italy. Symbolic ceremonies are, by far, the most emotional and engaging ceremony you can have. They are also the easiest type of elopement to plan in Italy.

A civil wedding is a legal wedding. In Italy, this involves the reading of the articles of civil law that relate to marriage. Not exactly the most romantic experience! Preparing your documents for the civil wedding is also a time-consuming process. We can assist you should you want to go this route.

If you are religious, then a Catholic wedding might be a dream come true. We can help with that too. Italy has a lot of beautiful churches. We can help you find the right one, book it, and complete your paperwork.

best places to elope in Italy

Wonderful Symbolic Weddings

The final, and in my opinion, the best option, is a symbolic ceremony. Our professional celebrants will talk to you both to introduce themselves. This way, you can get to know each other and decide if it’s the right choice for you. Assuming all’s well, they will then talk to you again, but this time separately.

By asking you questions about each other and listening to your feelings and relationship history, they will gather some details about you. They will then use this information to plan and create a bespoke ceremony just for your intimate elopement in Italy.

A celebrant could turn up and just read some standard often heard passages. However, we feel that your wedding ceremony should be an engaging spiritual occasion that defines and acknowledges the connection between you and your partner.

Our celebrants perform emotional, meaningful, memorable blessing ceremonies. Precisely what a romantic elopement should be.

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Where are the best places to elope in Italy?

Italy is famous for its incredible scenery, art, history, and culture, and there are countless amazing places to visit. Finding the best place for your elopement is undoubtedly not an easy decision when choosing between the Amalfi Coast, the Italian lakes such as Lake Como or Lake Maggiore, or a city like Rome, Florence, or Venice.

Our top location for a dreamy unique Italian wedding has to be Tuscany. Tuscany offers mesmerizingly beautiful scenery and mouth-wateringly delicious food and wine. The weather is excellent, and it’s not brimming with tourists, which is a crucial factor when you envision the perfect romantic wedding day.

We operate all over Italy and abroad, but our base is in Tuscany. We are experts in this famous region of Italy and can confidently help you with planning your elopement in Italy or better yet Tuscany. With over 15 years of experience, we will suggest to you some of the best places to elope in Italy.

best places to elope in Italy

Simple Steps for planning your Italian elopement

  1. Firstly, you need to decide what type of wedding ceremony you prefer as this will influence where you will elope in Italy.
  2. Now we know what type of wedding ceremony we have, we need to find the perfect wedding location.
  3. Your complete elopement package should include a great wedding photographer. Afterall as soon as you get back home, you will want to share the photos of your fantastic elopement with everyone!

I am a professional wedding photographer, and my wife is a top wedding planner, together we create idyllic elopement packages for clients that want a romantic, intimate Italian wedding experience. Now you have a better idea about how to plan your elopement you can read about how much it is going to cost.

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