Destination and Italian wedding photographer. Tuscany wedding photographer.

My name is Jules Bower. As a destination and Italian wedding photographer I travel the world. Italy was my home for over 10 years and my wife is Italian, so part of my heart is Italian. I create cinematic, evocative, luxurious authentic images. You can get an idea of my style by browsing my portfolio or checking out the full wedding galleries.

What style of Italian wedding photographer are you?

My style is unique and captures the beauty that exists all around us exactly as it is. I am not a fan of images that are washed out, hazy or blurry. If a sky is blue I capture it that way. I aim to tell the story of your day with timeless elegant images that will stand the test of time. I love black and white photos, however, I ADORE color. The colors in Italy and especially Tuscany are so romantic and rich, that they deserve to be captured exactly as they are. I believe a photo should only be in black and white if that makes it better than the color version.

Every single one of your photos, should, in its own right, be able to stand alone as a work of art. I like to create images that look like they belong on the pages of a magazine. In fact, I have many publications online and even more in print.

Tuscany wedding photographer – Jules Bower

Of all the wedding destinations in Italy, my favorite is Tuscany. The light, art, architecture, countryside, and landscapes of Tuscany are inspirational. Being a Tuscany wedding photographer means that when I photograph weddings in Tuscany, I use the olives, cypress trees, white roads, rolling hills, vineyards, and gorgeous sunsets to create works of art that capture your location. A photographer should photograph the destination, after all, you are having a destination wedding in Italy. The photos need to show the location, otherwise, you may as well stay home!

There are so many photographers claiming to be the best Tuscany wedding photographers. Ignore this, instead, choose the someone whose style you like, interview them and see if you like them.

How do you work?

Many clients say they are not comfortable having their photo taken. Consequently, they prefer not be the center of attention. This is a completely normal feeling. You are not used to having your photo taken so it feels strange to you.

Twice a year I work with celebrities and models but the majority of my clients are regular people like you and me. I will make you relax and produce completely natural photos of you. You will look at your pictures and think “that’s us and we look great!”. While you browse my site you will see how everyone is relaxed and happy.

What will you photograph?

I try to photograph as much as I can for you. My focus is always on quality rather than quantity. I want to tell the story of your special day including:

Please remember I can only show a fraction of my work on my site. I also photograph your guests but tend to show them less online for privacy reasons.

So what’s next?

I believe in talking directly to my clients. I want to get to know you. This way, on your special day you are with a person you know not just a random photographer. Communication is the key to success and exceptional is in the details. We will achieve great results together by discussing your ideas. I appreciate that I have done hundreds of weddings, but you possibly have no experience at all. If you let me I will guide you and help you achieve your dreams. My experience in event planning and as a destination wedding photographer in Italy gives me unique knowledge. Because I also photograph events worldwide, I have a wealth of information to give you. I would love share with you my tips for a wedding in Italy.

I want to create a completely unique record of your event giving you the best photos of one of the most important days of your lives. Consequently, I hope you will spread the word about me with great feedback. If you are looking for more information you can find answers to commonly asked questions here. Otherwise, just get in touch and let’s talk. If you want to see some of my latest work why not have a look at what I have been doing recently.

"Extraordinary exists all around us. Photography should not make it mundane."

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