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Your Destination Italian Wedding Photographer

My name is Jules Bower, and I am a professional Italian wedding photographer. I'm English and fluent in Italian thanks to my wife. She is a top Italian wedding planner.

I focus on beautiful imagery, and she creates flawless events. We like to work together but you can also just hire me to photograph your wedding!

italian wedding photographer

So, you're looking for an award-winning Italian wedding photographer or considering getting married in Italy.

Choosing the best professional wedding photographer in Italy is not a simple decision. I know how many studios and websites there are online; it is undoubtedly an overwhelming and time-consuming task.

If you allow yourself to browse this website, I promise you will:

  • Discover many desirable wedding destinations.
  • Get free advice and ideas on how to plan a perfect wedding in Italy.
  • Be inspired by the success stories of other couples' weddings.
  • Notice my distinctive style of wedding photography.
  • Sense that being an Italian wedding photographer is not just my job - it's my passion.
italian wedding photographer

How do you differ from other Italian Wedding Photographers?

Firstly, I am British, not Italian, so English is my mother tongue. My wife is Italian, so I am also fluent in Italian. I have been a professional wedding photographer in Italy and abroad since 2003.

As a photographer, Italy is inspirational. I find the colors so romantic and luxurious. When I photograph a breathtaking sunset in Tuscany, I want my image to precisely record that beauty. Later, when viewing that photo, it should bring the memories, sensations, and feelings alive in the most accurate, genuine, authentic way possible.

I am not a fan of images that are pale, hazy, blurry interpretations of reality. If the sky is blue, then it should be blue, not white.

italy wedding photographer

Destination wedding photographer in Italy: Style Brief

As an Italian destination wedding photographer and bona fide creative, I revel in the light, art, architecture, countryside, and landscapes. I use the olives, cypress trees, white roads, rolling hills, vineyards, and gorgeous sunsets to create works of art that capture your location and the incredible light.

An Italian wedding photographer should use their surroundings; after all, you are having a destination wedding. The photos need to show where you are; otherwise, you may as well stay home!

italy destination wedding photographer

Imagine you have an elderly relative who is unable to attend your wedding. When you are back home, you will sit with them and share your wedding photos. The images must help them understand exactly where you went, what it was like, and how your day went from start to finish.

Having seen the images, they will then fully understand and appreciate why you went all the way to Italy for your wedding!

I also want to tell the story of your big day with timeless elegance. The photos should not only look great tomorrow but also fifty years from now.

italy destination wedding photographer

My Work Ethic and Approach

I love working with, talking to, and getting to know my clients very well. I like to communicate through video chat, discuss ideas, and make decisions together. Working together results in a perfect wedding photography experience.

Ultimately, on the day of your wedding, you want a photographer you know and trust, not just a random person with a camera.

Imagine, you select an Italian wedding photographer because you love their stunning images. However, you don't talk to them before the wedding, then on the day, you discover that your personalities clash...

Communication is the key to success, just as much as exceptional is in the details. These are two essential ingredients in my recipe for a picture-perfect Italian wedding.

italy destination wedding photographer

What will you photograph?

I like to cover full events from start to finish, and my focus is on quality rather than quantity. Wouldn't you rather have a sensible amount of quality photos rather than thousands of mediocre ones?

Professional Wedding Photography That Tells A Story

You deserve an Italy destination wedding photographer who can capture the story of your wedding day from start to finish. 

I cover the locations, the details, the preparations, the ceremony, the reception, dancing and party and everything else in between. Including your portraits, family photos, and, of course, lots of spontaneous moments and emotions. Ideally, each and every image should stand on its own as a work of art.

italy wedding photographer

I know that you chose a beautiful Italian destination wedding because you want lots of quality time with your guests. Instead of crowding your party with close up shots, I will work from a distance to capture candid emotions and real interactions between friends and family in attendance.

Please remember I can only show a fraction of my work on my site. I also photograph your guests but tend to show them less online for privacy reasons.

italy wedding photographer

Extensive Local Knowledge: Top Italian wedding photographer

Italian destination weddings are an excellent choice for couples who want to have quality time with friends and family in a relaxing and romantic setting. Many years of weddings give me a deep understanding of the territories in Italy and their wedding venues.

There are limitless destinations to choose from, like Rome, Florence, Venice, Tuscany, Capri, and Lake Como. Each territory is exclusive in their ways, and I can help you find the best location for your desired look and style of wedding photos.

I am a person who loves to travel, and here are some of my favorite locations to photograph weddings:

  • Tuscany Wedding: World famous for its food and wine, fantastic scenery, art, architecture, culture, and more. 
  • Venice Wedding: A one of a kind experience. A city on the water, with history and romance all around you.
  • Florence Wedding: The renaissance city. Small but packed with art and culture as well as the beautiful local lifestyle.
  • Amalfi Coast Wedding: This famous stretch of coastline attracts people from all over, they are drawn to the glamour and exciting lifestyle. Small towns remain real-life gems for travellers to visit.
italian wedding photographer

More Than The Best Wedding Photographer in Italy

Over the years, I have built an extensive network of leading wedding professionals in Italy. In working with the best service providers and putting together a dream team, the results will be outstanding.

Here are just a few ways that I can help you have a stress-free wedding day and help you with the planning process.

  • Wedding Planning: The planner and photographer are the most important decisions that you make for your wedding day. If they work together, then it is even more likely your special day will come together seamlessly. Naturally, when I am working with my event planner wife, collaboration is seamless.
  • Pre-Wedding Photography: I provide you with a complete story to share with your friends and family. My pre-wedding photography service helps you tell your love story in Italy.
  • Hair & Makeup: Making you feel glamorous is the role of the makeup artist or hairstylist. I can recommend to you, excellent stylists.
  • Italy Elopement Photography: Thinking of eloping? Want to avoid the stress and over the top expenses of a large wedding so you can spend a little more on yourselves? Then you need an exclusive Italian elopement.
  • Italy Wedding Venues: Italy has word-class locations for your special day. I can help you narrow down venue choices based on your needs and wedding style!
  • Video: If videography is important to you, then I work with the best in Italy. We work together, not against each other.
  • Wedding Albums: I offer photo books or wedding albums. I prefer the flat lay style of a fine art book with the images printed directly onto the paper. The books are bound by hand, and you can personalize the cover.
italian wedding photographer

We are not comfortable having our photos taken!

Many clients say they are not comfortable being in front of the camera, scratch that… almost all clients say the same thing… "We are not good at having our photos taken!" Consequently, they prefer to not be the center of attention, especially on their wedding day. This is an entirely understandable feeling. You are not used to having your photo taken, so it feels awkward to you.

You don't need to worry about this because I am an expert at making you relax and feel at ease. Before your wedding, we discuss and make decisions together that will help you have an even better celebration and help me get better photos for you. While we are doing this, we are getting to know each other, and so on the day, you will have a photographer you know and not be photographed by a stranger with a camera.

Twice a year, I work with celebrities and models, but the majority of my clients are regular people like you and me. As a professional Italian wedding photographer it's my job to make you relax and create photos where you look great. While you browse this website, you will see how everyone is relaxed and happy. You will see my passion for photography and meeting new people is in the images.

italian wedding photographer

Personal Attention and Service

I have worked with hundreds of brides and grooms throughout the years, and each wedding day is unique. From start to finish, I will work with you to understand your ideas and needs, so every portrait will be a work of art that will live on for years to come.

My Italian wedding photography services include professional editing and retouching to make each photograph perfect. I send you the high-resolution images for you to enjoy and share as you wish. Additional details like albums and fine art books are available as well as prints and wall art.

couple photo session

Experience and Testimonials

I have attended hundreds of weddings, and you likely have no experience at all. Let me guide you and help you achieve your perfect wedding. I have experience in wedding planning and as an Italy destination wedding photographer and enjoy sharing my knowledge.

My dedication and passion for the art of destination wedding photography often feature in many magazines and countless online publications. You can trust the reviews and testimonials of many happy brides and grooms.

Your wedding will live on forever through the best Italian destination wedding photography. Dazzling images that capture the emotion and joy of your love story in sumptuous Italy.

If you are a bride or groom who demands the most desirable destination wedding photographer in Italy, then we should talk today about your big day!

couple photo session

Booking and Payment

If you think I could be the best Italian wedding photographer to photograph your event or elopement, then I am sure you have some questions you would like to ask. Get in touch, and I will gladly answer them, listen to your ideas, your plans, and your dreams.

If you let me, I will guide you and help you too. My years of experience as a destination wedding photographer in Italy gives me unique knowledge. Because I also photograph international weddings, I have a wealth of information to provide you with.

I want to send you home with the best photos of your lives. Consequently, I hope you will spread the word about me with great feedback. For more information, you can read my answers to common questions. If you want to see some of my latest work, you can find me on Instagram, or browse the wedding galleries.

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