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Italian Wedding Photographer in Tuscany ⋆ Jules Bower

Hi, I’m Jules, I was born in Hampshire in England but as a child, I soon moved to Hong Kong with my family as my father was a pilot. I was fortunate to have a pretty adventurous childhood and visiting many amazing places around the world has given me a passion for travel and culture that has stayed with me throughout my life. I love the countryside and nature and enjoy taking my dog for long walks – well actually he’s the one taking me for the walk!

How it all started

At the beginning of my professional life, I worked as a graphic designer, I naturally went into photography, as great images were a must in order to create beautiful websites, brochures, and marketing material. I gained experience in commercial photography as well as beauty, fashion, and even architecture.

In 2002 my Italian wife created one of the first wedding planning agencies for foreigners looking to get married in Italy. As we needed original photographic material for our own marketing and website, I used to take pictures during our events and give them to the couple as a gift. Bizarrely, the couples wrote to me saying that they much preferred my pictures to those of their professional wedding photographer’s. This is how my career as a wedding photographer began 14 years ago.

My Dog!

A little about my style

My work is featured in many magazines and I have even photographed a wedding that was recognized by “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!”. But these things shouldn’t influence your decision. When choosing a photographer for your event: “First find a photographer whose photos you like and then see if you like the photographer!”

I want my photos to be different, unique and each one should have a purpose or meaning. To sum up my style of photography I’d say:

“it is fashion oriented modern contemporary classical candid pseudo-photo-journalistic reportage portraiture with details…”

At this point, you must surely be thinking:

“What on earth is that?”

Personally, I do not believe you can photograph a wedding in one style of photography, you have to do them all. I especially enjoy using natural light whilst it is still available, however, once it is dark I use my own light as there is no natural light at night!

What I photograph at your wedding

Stylish group photo at a wedding

If possible, I like to photograph the entire wedding from start to finish, so I can give you comprehensive coverage of one of the most important days of your lives. The location, details, getting ready, ceremony, drinks and reception, cake cutting, dancing, party and more. My focus is on the people and fun!

Although I do all styles of photography during your wedding my favourite part is relaxed cinematic portraiture consisting of genuine, perfectly composed emotional portraits of you in love, in amazing locations with stunning light. After all, that’s what you are going to hang on the wall not a photo of a bouquet or menu.

For most of the wedding, I leave you to enjoy your special day without having a photographer in your face, I prefer to work from a distance to capture the emotions and spontaneity and the interactions between you and all the people attending. Most people say they were unaware of my presence. However, if necessary I will guide you and do my best to make your day go perfectly.

For the group photos, I will speak up in order to call the required people and get the photos done as quickly as possible. I don’t like stiff formals so I will interact with you and get everyone to have fun with the groups, they don’t need to be a bunch of dull photos.

I speak Italian fluently and don’t mind helping out with translating if there are some language problems. If your wedding party is mixed with English and Italian speaking guests that’s no problem, I can communicate with both.

Here is more information about my photography.

The Next Step

If you are ready to book I will draw up a legal contract between us. The contract is simply a professional formality that gives us both peace of mind. Once the booking is out of the way we will start working together to get the best results! If you still have questions please get in touch and I’d love to answer them for you or if you have made a decision then let’s gets started!

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