Seaside Elopement in Tuscany – Swept Away

Exquisitely harmonized details at seaside elopement in Tuscany

Close your eyes and imagine for a moment to be swept away.

Dream of a corner of paradise just for you and your love. A unique place to cherish the most important moment of your life. Seaside weddings are great but this seaside elopement in Tuscany is pure paradise.

The air is crisp, the sun is strong and caresses your skin. Your senses fill up with the sensual smells of the Mediterranean sea. There is nothing around you but beautiful landscapes.

This is for me a unique experience and an amazing challenge, to capture the intense love between this beautiful couple who choose the remoteness and wilderness of this outpost on the Tuscan seaside. What a location! It is even the location of some important scenes in the James Bond film Quantum of Solace.

I can’t think of anywhere better for an elopement, this is the quintessence of romance and ultimate luxury. Only once you are here can you fully appreciate the isolation and peacefulness.

lovely bride ready to get dressed

Adorable Accessories – Seaside Elopement in Tuscany

The bride has 3 breathtaking gowns from the new collection of world-renowned luxury designer Galia Lahav. The groom wears a made to measure suit by Eddy Monetti.

I photograph some very original details some of which are surprises the groom prepares for his bride to be. The stationery is all handmade by Monica Tallone. The quirky “Chiara” shoe by Sophia Webster in a rose gold with elegantly embroidered butterfly complements the beautiful dresses. The bride gives me her yellow diamond engagement ring and earrings by RCM Jewelers, a couture Italian jewelry designer.

She doesn’t know that the groom has given me a parure of diamonds, a necklace, earrings, bracelet and wedding ring from the same brand to photograph as he will give her this present at the end of the ceremony.

In the capable hands of Cherie Spisso, the bride gets ready with an elegant updo. I grab a few shots of her relaxing by the window gazing at the sea, I love her quietness and introspective aura. No dramas, no screaming relatives or bridesmaids, no rushing around, just a stunning looking bride enjoying the views.

Incredible seaside backdrop for wedding

In another location in a nearby small seaside town the groom is getting ready, he reaches his bride with a short ride by boat.

The bride is ready and I shoot her preparations taking advantage of some design elements such as the bespoke chairs the artist Sofia Rocchetti made for the bride and groom.

The Ceremony – Seaside Elopement in Tuscany

In the distance the groom is arriving by boat, then he comes up the stairs to pick up his bride who appears at the entrance door. The ceremony begins, it is intense and emotional, the wind gently moves the brides flowing dress and veils of the beautiful decorations by Stiatti Fiori.

The gentle voice of Diane Rossi from Blessings from Italy, poetically speaks about the love of these two beautiful souls immersed in one another, she talks about their story, their feelings and the hope of an everlasting love.

Diamonds are a girls best friend!

After the emotional ceremony, the groom surprises the bride with his lavish present. The bride is visibly touched. The jewelry complements beautifully the wedding gown and the couple is ready for some sunset shots around the property. Next, it is time to celebrate! A lavishly ornate table design with bespoke chairs and tablecloth by Sofia Rocchetti, and mise en place by Preludio Noleggi greets the couple on the magnificent terrace overlooking the sea.

They start their meal together against a fiery orange sunset and then deep midnight blue sky. Later they cut an impressive wedding cake created by Sugarcups Cake Design. Once the nighttime arrives we all leave the newlyweds to enjoy the rest of their romantic evening.

The following day we have a short photo session on the sailboat before they couple head off to start their honeymoon. The whole 2 days were perfectly executed by Paolo Cicognani.

Featured in Unveiled magazine

The photos look stunning in Unveiled magazine.

Images from - Seaside Elopement in Tuscany – Swept Away

Images from Day 2 - Sailing Away!

Our fabulous couple sails off into the wild blue yonder! A few images as they depart and commence their honeymoon.

Enjoy the beautiful video!

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