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tuscany wedding photographer

Tuscany wedding photographer Jules Bower. Yes that’s me! I live between London and Tuscany and although I work anywhere I have shot a lot of weddings in Tuscany and have my own thoughts about what a Tuscan wedding photographer should do. I work with international clients and many of you travel a long way in order to get married in this unique place. In light of the fact that you and your guests have made such an effort to get here I think it is essential that your photos should show where you are as otherwise you could have stayed at home!

I like to photograph the surrounding countryside, the locations, the nature, the architecture, the skies and just about anything that says Tuscany. Tuscany is olive groves, rolling hills, windy roads, vineyards, cypress trees, stone walls and decadent farmhouses and villas, wildflowers, poppies and sunflowers, it’s the faded hues and earthy tones, the textures and grains, the wines and food and of course those lovely sunsets. I like to think that I will include as much of Tuscany in your photos as possible so that when you go home you’ll almost take a piece of it with you.

You should be able to show your photos to someone who didn’t attend your wedding and they should immediately be able to identify with those quintessential elements that have made Tuscany more than a region of Italy but a global brand.

Besides setting the scene and documenting the events on your special day I love creating portraits of you in the amazing Tuscan countryside. As a Tuscan wedding photographer this is without a doubt my favorite part. I want you to have the most beautiful photos of yourselves in one of the most spectacular destinations in the world. We will stroll down country lanes, stand in front of amazing views, visit secret gardens and pristine fields and groves and capture timeless memories of your wedding in Tuscany.

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I am very fortunate to be a Tuscany wedding photographer and hope that some of my passion for this incredible place shows in my work.

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