Elegant Catholic Wedding For Two

elegant catholic wedding for two

I am happy to share with you this lovely catholic wedding for two! Organizing a religious wedding in the middle of a global pandemic is a little bit harder than usual! But that’s the great thing about eloping in Italy. Seeing as it is just the two of you, you don’t need to worry about guests and other complications – you can focus on what matters the most to you!

elegant catholic wedding for two

Preparations at a quiet hotel

The idea for the day was to capture all the photos that you would commonly take at a typical wedding. The day starts with some pictures to set the scene at the villa where the couple is getting ready. They bring some lovely details, so I take photos of their accessories and the gorgeous flowers we arranged.

The groom gets ready separately from the bride, so while finishing hair and makeup, I work with him, and we capture some stylish photos as he finishes dressing up.

As they are getting married on their own, they decide to have a first look before going to the church as they want to enter the church together. Seeing as this is a catholic wedding for two, it is a great idea and allows them to spend as much time as possible together on their special day.

catholic wedding for two

Once I finish taking the groom’s photos, I head over to the bride, and we have some pictures as she ends her preparations. Next, the first look takes place, and we head for a few photos in the gardens before driving to the church.

Delightful Catholic wedding for two

The church is stunning, and even if it offers space for large amounts of people, the priest is very friendly and welcoming, and the colors and tones of this cathedral make for a warm and romantic setting.

With it being a catholic wedding for two, the priest doesn’t have to address a congregation; instead, he engages with our excited couple and leads them through their wedding in a comforting and friendly way.

After a full catholic wedding ceremony, they exit the church, and we arrange to shower them with petals. The petal shower is a fun, spontaneous photo that’s always fun to do! Following on, we head off to take some pictures in the streets of this lovely little town. They also want to have some images with some architecture and more of the medieval Italian town vibe before taking photos in the countryside.

This particular town offers a quiet and exciting setting and has a great church for your catholic wedding ceremony.

elegant catholic wedding for two

Italian countryside session at sunset

Finding some lovely locations in the countryside for images is easy. We use some driveways with cypress trees, an olive grove, and of course, some vineyards with rolling hills in the background.

The temperatures are pleasant, and the location is so quiet we can relax knowing that there aren’t other people around!

elegant catholic wedding for two

Romantic private dinner at a luxury villa

To end their special day and in celebration of their catholic wedding for two, our happy couple ends their day with some cocktails and finger food followed by a lovely romantic dinner under a wisteria-covered pergola. They have some beautiful flowers and decor on the table with a chandelier and candlelight to create a pleasant soft mood for their evening. A waiter looks after them while a private chef prepares their food.

They even order a mini wedding cake to enjoy with some delicious Italian sweet sparkling wine at the end of their meal.

Plan your own Italian Catholic wedding elopement!

If you want to have a religious wedding in a church in Italy, we can help you achieve your dream wedding step by step. Whether you need help planning a wedding in Italy or are just looking to elope we are here to assist you! 

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