How much does it cost to elope in Italy?

How much does it cost to elope in Italy?

Question: How much does it cost to elope in Italy?

Answer: A great deal less than the cost of a wedding with 100 guests!

It is a great idea to elope, and like many others, I am sure you have the same sentiments; you wish to avoid the stress and over the top cost of a large wedding so you can spend a little more on the people that deserve it. Yourselves!

Back home, you can have a surprise party with friends and family and share the photos of your incredible elopement with everyone!

We organize romantic Italian weddings for couples looking to elope. By organizing weddings and managing budgets, we have a great idea of what it takes to elope in Italy and how much it costs.

It’s up to you how much your Italy elopement costs!

You have decided to forego the hassle of a large wedding with lots of guests. So I am going to assume that you do have the money to spend on yourselves and you are willing to invest in creating a truly magical experience. What’s wrong with being a little self-indulgent? The cost of eloping in Italy is much less than that of a full wedding. Go ahead and splash out on your elopement. There is no need to feel guilty!

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The cost to elope in Italy, like anything else in life is proportionate to quality and quantity.

High-quality services or large quantities of items will, of course, cost more. A world-class videographer will charge accordingly, and a large flower arch will increase your expenses more than just having a beautiful bouquet.

We work with couples to manage their costs and see that they have a magical elopement in Italy. Spending money is enjoyable if you see something in return for your hard-earned cash. You are planning a small intimate wedding so let us help you make it extraordinary.

How to calculate the cost of an elopement in Italy?

First, we need to settle on a location for your destination wedding day. Tuscany, Lake Como, the Amalfi Coast or Venice? These are a few of the fantastic regions in Italy, and all have incredible wedding venues. We can help you find the right place. You can choose from lovely hotels and villas, or castles and country-houses, the cost will vary from the price of a hotel room for the night to hiring a location exclusively for the day.

how much cost elope Italy

Decide what type of wedding ceremony

You have three choices. You can elope in Italy and have a civil wedding, a religious marriage, or a blessing ceremony – all have different costs.

Civil ceremony

A civil ceremony is a town hall wedding. It is a legally binding ceremony that will be recognized back home. Most civil services take place in town halls, so they are indoor weddings. Some municipalities have outdoor options like a garden or terrace, but these are not commonplace.

A civil wedding requires you to complete the necessary paperwork. You will probably need assistance to do this. Preparing your paperwork can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. Each town hall charges for its administrative work, the rental of the space, and the person that conducts your civil union. The fees range on average from €500 – 1500 euros. Don’t forget you need to add to this the cost of someone to assist you in completing your documents.

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Religious ceremony

You can have a catholic wedding in Italy. If you want the wedding to be officially accepted back home, you will also have to complete the civil wedding process too. Italy has a lot of stunning churches. But, remember it is just the two of you so you may feel a little lost in a big church. So you have to pay someone to help you with your civil and religious documents, and then you need to donate to the church and likely a fee for an English speaking priest.

Symbolic ceremony

I recommend this for an elopement in Italy as it has the lowest cost but gives us the most creativity to create something truly unique. This type of celebration has no validity, so you won’t technically be getting married. People that choose this option get legally married at their local town hall back home. Which is usually a quick, easy, straightforward, inexpensive process.

You can then visit Italy and celebrate your wedding with a beautiful, meaningful, engaging symbolic wedding ceremony that will focus on the emotion and excitement of the occasion. The advantage is that we can do a blessing ceremony anywhere. So beautiful villas, castles, gorgeous gardens, and open vistas all come into play.

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Additional Items to include in the budget

  • Photographer/Video – You may be stealing away to secretly get married but trust me when you go home you are going to want to show the photos to everyone. A great photographer is a must! 
  • Flowers – The basics are a bouquet and buttonhole; however, you may want to have a flower arch, candles, fairy lights or more.
  • Music – During your ceremony, you may want a string quartet or harpist to add to the atmosphere and romance as you exchange your vows.
  • Cake – Arranging a small wedding cake is a lovely touch for your wedding day. Just because you elope doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun stuff like cutting and eating cake!
  • Dinner – A beautiful romantic candlelit dinner is a must.

The cost of your elopement in Italy is up to you!

If you are looking for a relaxed, no-hassle elopement in Italy, then have a look at the costs of convenient packages. If you prefer to create a bespoke dreamy one of a kind elopement, then talk to a wedding planner.  

In conclusion, to elope in Italy costs as much as you want it to but still way less than a full-blown wedding!

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