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Monteverdi Tuscany wedding

enjoying sunset after wedding in Tuscany

This Monteverdi Tuscany Wedding is really an elopement in Tuscany. You can find the hotel in Castiglioncello del Trinoro, a remote hilltop village. The village lies in a forest on the hills at the edge of the famous Val d’Orcia.

First of all, the couple arrives late but we all expect that as Monteverdi is not easy to find. However, this is why we love it. It is remote, exclusive and so peaceful, you can say idyllic. Due to the delay, we lose about 30 minutes of preparation time. Consequently, as soon as they arrive my stylists start with hair and makeup.

While the groom is in the shower the bride relaxes with a glass of prosecco during the styling. I start to photograph some details. She has some lovely Gucci shoes, the rings are from Bulgari, these items look wonderful together.

I photograph the groom getting ready in the living room of an apartment of Monteverdi Tuscany. Once he is ready I go to the bride and seeing as she is on her own the stylists help her dress. Afterward, I take some portraits of the beautiful bride.

The couple chose to have a “first-look” so they can then enter the symbolic blessing ceremony together. They meet each other on the street in the middle of the peaceful village.

Monteverdi Tuscany Wedding – Symbolic Blessing Ceremony

The blessing ceremony takes place in a lovely corner of the gardens. It is an emotional and important moment for both of them, you can tell this is important to them. They exchange meaningful vows and then the rings, at the exit they are showered with petals.

After the ceremony, we go for photos around the village and gardens. In conclusion, we take some pictures at sunset with the wonderful Tuscan scenery, a lovely end to this Monteverdi Tuscany wedding. This photo says exactly why I love being a Tuscany wedding photographer.

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