amalfi coast wedding photographer

Amalfi Coast Wedding Photographer

Amalfi Coast Weddings are all about capturing the spectacular views, endless blue skies, and exhilarating local lifestyle.

There is no doubt that one of the places I most enjoy fine art wedding photography is the Amalfi Coast. Its beauty inspires me to produce wonderful wedding photos. I am lucky to work in many incredible locations in Italy and this idyllic stretch of coastline is one of the best.

So, why do couples choose the Amalfi Coast for their destination wedding? For me, the white houses, rugged cliffs, vibrant splashes of color from the flowers create unique and dramatic surroundings. They make for a truly romantic Italian wedding.

My knowledge of the area allows me to find the best locations for your wedding photos. Ancient monasteries, flowering gardens, luxury coastal villas, and breathtaking views are perfect backdrops for your unforgettable wedding photos.

amalfi coast wedding photographer

Exceptional Wedding Photos On The Amalfi Coast

Your family and friends will love it as they take in the surroundings that you only see in the movies. It is easy to understand why this is one of the best places for an Italian destination wedding.

I enjoy photographing Amalfi Coast weddings and bringing the vibrant coastline to life like no other place on earth. I like to use as much of the impressive surroundings as possible.

First, you need to choose a location that will best fit your dream wedding.

Of course, as an Amalfi Coast wedding photographer, I photograph weddings on the Amalfi coast in Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano, Praiano, Capri, and Ravello.

Each of these destinations is uniquely different from the next.

amalfi coast wedding photographer

Amalfi Coast Wedding Photographer – Sorrento

Sorrento is a popular and accessible location because it is closer to Naples. You can hold your wedding reception in Sorrento in a beautiful hotel or one of the panoramic restaurants. The best time for a Sorrento wedding is from March through October.

A favorite tourist destination, Sorrento is also the most popular location on the Amalfi Coast for destination weddings. Many couples have a civil marriage at the Cloisters of San Francesco. However, check no other couples are celebrating their wedding immediately before or after you. It would be awkward to leave your wedding while another bride waits for her turn.

Positano wedding photographer on the Amalfi Coast

Positano is undoubtedly the most picturesque destination in the area. There are some crucial things to consider with the logistics and lighting in this sought after location.

For instance, Positano has steep streets and is often hot, so options for your wedding shoot can be limited. Positano does not see the sunset either. If a Positano destination wedding interests you, discuss your plans with a wedding planner or photographer. You want to make sure you can get the best photographic opportunities in the area.

The best timeframe to plan a destination wedding in Positano is from March through October.

amalfi coast wedding photographer

Capri wedding photographer – Amalfi Coast

Next, we have the island of Capri. It is a perfect location for a romantic destination wedding in Italy. Coming across the bay of Naples on the ferry is an easy journey. The island is delightfully scenic and has a nice relaxing pace of life.

The best months to plan for a Capri destination wedding are from March to October. Capri is a luxury wedding destination so don't expect it to be cheap. If you are planning to take photos at sunset, note that the last boat off the island leaves before sunset.

You can have a civil, protestant, or symbolic wedding in Capri. However, Catholic weddings are only for local Italian citizens. Whatever wedding you are looking for, we will be able to deliver fantastic photography and perfect memories.

Wedding photographer Ravello Italy

As a Ravello wedding photographer, I find it the most enchanting and memorable place on the Amalfi Coast. For me, Ravello is one of the best-kept secrets on the Amalfi Coast. Sitting high on top of the cliffs, Ravello is a quiet and highly exclusive Amalfi Coast wedding location.

Strangely, you just won't find the same hordes of tourists in Ravello that you may encounter in Positano or Sorrento. From my perspective, this is good news. I always try to take photos without random strangers in them.

Ravello is small and easy to walk around and offers plenty of bars and restaurants for fine dining experiences. You can have a civil wedding outside in town hall gardens or a religious wedding in one of the lovely churches. The Duomo di Ravello is a particular favorite for many couples as it dominates the main square of Ravello and has a lovely whitewashed feel.

You can have your Ravello wedding at one of the fantastic luxury hotels. The Belmond Hotel Caruso, Palazzo Avino, Villa Cimbrone, or Villa Rufolo are all excellent. These provide the perfect locations for your celebration and allow me to capture images that you can enjoy for years to come.

I will be able to help you find stunning backdrops to maintain the exclusive feeling of this more elite destination.

amalfi coast wedding photographer

Your Trusted Destination Wedding Photographer

In conclusion, you deserve the best destination wedding photographer to capture your special day. I have years of experience finding the best backdrops for Amalfi Coast Weddings.

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