Intimate Villa di Piazzano wedding

Intimate Villa di Piazzano wedding

This Villa di Piazzano wedding is a celebration of the deep love and connection between two soulmates. The villa lies not far from the famous and delightful town of Cortona. This is also a popular location as it is on the direct train route from Rome to Florence so it is a convenient stop off for people wishing to experience a wonderful medieval town as well as the tranquil countryside without having to waste too much time or effort traveling.

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Villa di Piazzano wedding ceremony

The wedding takes place at an angle of the garden and is an emotional and enjoyable experience. They listen to the celebrants’ wonderful words and exchange their own vows and rings. The tranquil and peaceful surroundings help to add to the significance of the occasion.

After approximately 25 mins the blessing concludes. Riding high on the wave of emotions and energy from the wedding ceremony we take a few photos in the gardens of Villa di Piazzano. After these, we then we make our way to Cortona.

Emotional Blessing Ceremony

A wonderful emotional ceremony that brings joy to the couple.

On the way, we stop to take a few photos in a field with some poppies and barley and then we drive up the hill to Cortona.

After a short and enjoyable stroll through the town to the main square, we take some photos on the steps of this wonderful town hall. As we wander back they receive a lot of compliments and congratulations from the locals.

Sunset session and Mini Aperitif

We jump in my car and off we go to the lovely countryside to take some photos at sunset. Cypress tree driveways, vineyards and olive groves are our backdrops for a lovely sunset session of photos.

We have some prosecco and nibbles waiting at a lovely location so they can relax whilst watching the sunset and the moon rise. A perfect ending to a delightful Villa di Piazzano wedding.

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