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Italy wedding locations - Amalfi Coast

I’m lucky and work at many beautiful Italy wedding locations. I adore nature and the countryside and enjoy taking landscape photos that represent the incredible and diverse sceneries available in Italy. When photographing your wedding I will use the surroundings and location in your photos throughout the day. At the beginning of the day, I like to capture some images for you that set the scene, they start to add context to the photographic story that I will create for you.

Documenting the location is a great way to start to tell the story of your wedding, after all, one of the distinguishing factors of your event is the fact that you are having a destination wedding. You have been dreaming about getting married abroad because of the weather, the breathtaking views, blue skies and rolling hills, or deep blue seas. I like to take photos that show where you are, why did you go there and what it was like!

Once you commit to having a destination wedding the first step will be to find a venue for your event. You will most likely scour the internet and make a short list and perhaps decide to make a quick trip to Italy to view these locations.

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Tips for choosing your Italy wedding locations

  1. Know how many people you are planning to invite. You will need a venue suitable for the number of guests attending.
  2. Remember if you invite them they will come. Don’t send out invites to 200 people and assume that only 100 will reply. Experience says that most people jump at the opportunity to come to a destination wedding in Italy. It’s a great excuse for them to have a vacation and on one day you are going to throw a big party for them will lots of free food a drink. I’d come for sure!
  3. Consider if your venue offers alternative solutions in case of bad weather. If not you will need money in the contingency fund for a marquee.
  4. Consider what is important to you and make sure your venue gives you these things. If you adore the rolling hills and vineyards then choose a venue in an area that offers these things.
  5. If you like amenities and services then look for high-end resorts and hotels as opposed to country houses
  6. Know what type of wedding ceremony you want. If you want a church wedding, think about logistics and possible transportation to and from the church.

Suggestions for Italy wedding locations

Here is a collection of images from locations all over Italy. Hopefully, they may inspire you to start your search for your perfect venue. If you are not sure where to start and don’t know yet which area of Italy you prefer, then you can have a look at the general page of wedding locations in Italy.

If you already know the area then you can go directly to see venues in that location:

Italy wedding locations - Il Borro

My favorite Italy wedding locations

If you want to run away and elope then Italy is your oyster – I can organize a perfect Italian elopement for you.