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So you’re browsing the internet looking at Italy wedding venues and realize that there are so many! Selecting a wedding venue is the biggest hurdle to overcome when planning your wedding in Italy. Really, with lots to choose from it can be tricky just knowing where to start.

The search for the perfect wedding venue can either be love at first sight or it could be a more selective and methodical approach, comparing locations, narrowing down candidates and finally settling on the best place.

What type of wedding do you want? Try and narrow down the location by selecting the style of wedding you prefer. Do you want a castle, a hotel, a villa? Do you prefer a seaside wedding, a lake wedding, or the rolling hills and vineyards? Maybe you like the food in one region more than another.

Either way, the first step in planning your wedding is almost always the venue. Once you have your location the rest will just start to fall into place.

Here are some of the most popular regions for weddings in Italy.

If you follow the links you will be taken to photo galleries and suggestions for many wedding venues in each region.

What types of Italy wedding venues are there?

Renting a venue privately or exclusively is a good idea if possible. This means that you and your guests will be the only people there so you will have more privacy. It also often means that you will have less music and noise restrictions. So if partying away the night is what you want to make sure you check about music restrictions and maybe consider renting the entire place for your event.

Obviously, hotels are unlikely to be private as unless you manage to rent out the entire hotel there will always be other guests around. Of course, if the hotel is just a base for your wedding and you are having a ceremony somewhere else and then a reception there is nothing wrong with a hotel. The Amalfi Coast has many hotels and few villas so choosing a hotel is often the only solution available. Thankfully there are some wonderful places for an Amalfi Coast wedding hence it constant popularity.

Also, hotels have staff available all the time so you can also get help, there is always food around, you can get a massage, get your clothes washed/ironed and so on, so hotels definitely have their positives.

Villa rentals are very popular. Tuscany is without a doubt the most popular location for a countryside wedding and there are endless villas available to rent. A few are large and can accommodate many guests and there are hundreds that are smaller and ideal for smaller gatherings. Some places offer food and others are self-catering. Or you can hire staff to cook for you.

Can you recommend any locations for castle weddings in Italy?

You have plenty of castles wedding venues in Italy to consider. Some are castles with accommodation and others are just locations for your wedding day and you can stay nearby.

Castello di Celsa, Castello di Casole, Castello di Modanella, Castello di Vincigliata, Castello la Leccia, Castello del Nero, Il Palagio, Castello di Gabbiano, Castello di Odescalchi.

Which are the best wedding venues in Italy?

This is a tricky question… and definitely subjective. It warrants a lot of careful consideration before responding, perhaps it even merits another article only for this question.

However, let’s rephrase the question a little:

“Which are the best wedding venues in Italy for photography?”

Ah, Now that’s an easier question. I know some amazing venues that are just a nightmare to photograph. But, some of my favourite places to photograph are La Foce, Villa Cetinale, Villa Catignano, Borgo Stomennano, Villa Cimbrone, Villa Gamberaia and anywhere in the beautiful Tuscan countryside.

Which are the most exclusive wedding venues Italy?

Assuming we interpret exclusive as meaning locations that are in some way outstanding and subsequently require a significant investment then I would consider, Il Borro, Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco, Villa Cetinale, Villa Gamberaia, Villa Cimbrone, Villa del Balbiano, Villa Pizzo and some of the 5 Star Hotels like the Aman in Venice and Borgo Egnazia in Puglia. These are just a few places that spring to mind.

Are there any luxury Italian wedding venues?

Most of the locations I just mentioned are all luxury venues. There are also places that you can rent and transform into anything you want if you have the budget. For instance Villa I Collazzi.

What about intimate wedding venues in Italy?

If you are looking to have an intimate wedding in Italy then you are probably going to want to avoid the busier places such as Florence, Venice, Rome, and much of the Amalfi Coast. Ravello and Capri have some intimate locations but otherwise, most of the Amalfi Coast is pretty busy. I would look for somewhere more secluded and quiet. Why not look at renting a villa for you and your family members and then have an emotional meaningful blessing ceremony in the gardens?

In your opinion which is the most beautiful place in Italy to get married?

I love the countryside, rolling hills, olives, vineyards, cypress trees, white roads and gorgeous sunsets. Without a doubt, Tuscany is my favourite wedding location in Italy.

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Click the links and follow the images and you will see many events at different types of Italy wedding venues.