destination wedding photographer

Destination wedding photographer

As a destination wedding photographer, I work with couples who invite their friends, family, and loved ones to travel abroad and join them in a unique location to celebrate their love for life and each other.

My job is to document once in a lifetime celebrations with beautiful photos.

While you create the memories of a lifetime, I work in the background, quietly photographing these magical moments for you.

I work with your wedding destination in mind all the time. Your wedding venue is important to you, so I want to capture you and your guests in this location, within the surrounding scenery, landscapes and views. Using this special place's architecture, style, and overall atmosphere as part of the story.

After all, you must have chosen this destination for a reason. Otherwise, you could have just got married back home!

destination wedding photographer

How to find the best destination wedding photographer

The best destination wedding photographer for your wedding will be the person whose style you love, and you like them too!

There's no point hiring a great photographer if you can't communicate effortlessly with them. Try to find someone you get along with as a difference of opinions or clash of characters will make your wedding less enjoyable and likely affect the outcome of the photos.

Planning a destination wedding can take a great deal of work. Consequently, in the years to follow, don't risk having to remember your special day through poor quality photos.

I know how much work goes into planning a wedding because my wife is a top wedding planner. She helps couples from all over the world bring their dream weddings to reality.

Finally, the big day arrives, and all that hard work delivers a spectacular celebration that will pass by in a few hours. My images will capture these fleeting moments and give you the perfect way to relive the milestone that is your wedding for years to come.

destination wedding photographer

Where will you work?

Being a wedding photographer in Italy means much of my work is close to home in Tuscany and Florence. I also often photograph weddings on the Amalfi Coast, in Venice and on Lake Como.

I also travel internationally and have been lucky to photograph weddings in many different countries. I have worked in the U.S.A, Canada, France, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, Dubai, South Africa, Hong Kong, and Thailand to name a few.

Wherever your wedding is, I am happy to consider travelling there so go on and make a request! I block off extra days when I need to travel far to an event. This allows me to get on the ground, learn the location, and just get settled in. It also means that there's no stress involved with flight delays or other possible scenarios.

With my years of experience, I will share advice and ensure your destination wedding photography is a fantastic adventure. We will be creating unbelievable photographic memories.

I also travel for elopements and these are often some of the most interesting weddings.

destination wedding photographer

Surely it makes sense to hire someone locally?

The main reason to hire someone other than a local photographer is to choose the style of photography that resonates with you the most. You don't need to settle for what's available locally if it doesn't fit with the vision you have for your wedding photos.

Photography is subjective. There are many ways you can tell the same story. A photographer that has experience traveling often brings some extra creativity and style with their images as well as ideas and input. These are assets that can set them apart from a local photographer.

Don't be afraid to do some research before making a final decision and talk to a few different people.

How much does a top destination wedding photographer cost?

Photography prices vary all over the world. Photographers from wealthy nations may often charge more than a photographer from a less economically powerful country. Most photographers will charge for their time and their fee is based on the skill, experience, creativity, and then they add their travel expenses.

There are also products such as prints and albums but ultimately what matters is getting the right photos in the first place as the physical products can follow after.

destination wedding photographer

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