santorini wedding photographer

Santorini wedding photographer

A wedding in Santorini is an exhilarating prospect for a photographer, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph a wedding on the famous little Greek Island. "Santorini wedding photographer" – that even sounds strange to me, and I can't believe how lucky I was to go there and work with such amazing people.

As a wedding photographer, I frequently work alone, but I often work with videographers. I was super happy to be working again with the excellent Marcus Sanders from Soda Films. Santorini in July is hot and very arid. The temperatures are very high, and there is also a strong wind, this makes dehydration a severe problem for Marcus and I. As we run around the island lugging equipment; I know that I will come back from this wedding in Santorini with a serious tan!

santorini wedding photographer

The groom gets ready at his uncle's house, and the bride prepares in a luxurious suite in Imerovigli. Another lovely town on Santorini. She stays at the Andromeda Gold Suites. The views from the entire hotel are incredible.

One of the most essential parts of Santorini is Caldera. According to Wikipedia, a caldera is a cauldron-like volcanic feature that forms by the collapse of land following a volcanic eruption. The word derives from Latin and literally means "cooking pot." I think that's exceptionally appropriate, as I certainly feel like I am in a cooking pot while I am working! I am going to return home from Santorini looking like a roasted wedding photographer!

Orthodox wedding ceremony

The Greek wedding takes place in The Orthodox Metropolitan Church of Santorini. The church is in the town of Fira and looks out over the bay. The ceremony starts with the bridal procession, the couple then enters, and a lovely orthodox wedding follows. After the service, the newlywed couple exit, and a shower of rice rains down on them. Seeing as many participating are from New Zealand a Haka immediately takes place. This is a traditional ancestral dance from the Māori people of New Zealand. It is famous because the All Blacks rugby team performs it before a match. However, it is also an acknowledgment of great achievements and occasions.

santorini wedding photographer

After the exhilarating Haka, I take a big group photo, and then we cross the road to the Sphinx Bar. Here there are cocktails and finger foods. Next, I take all the family photos with the fantastic Santorini sunset in the background. We then leave the guests to enjoy the views and drinks as we go for a few photos just with the bride and groom.

Once we finish the sunset photos in the unique landscapes, we head to the bottom of the island. Here they are going to have a lovely wedding reception at a beach venue. A traditional Greek feast, speeches, cake, and of course, a lot of dancing ensues. All I can say in conclusion is that I would love another chance to be a Santorini wedding photographer!

Being able to shoot a wedding in Santorini is a privilege. For me, Santorini wedding photography is about blue cupolas, white buildings, blue skies, and long sunsets. It is so exciting to visit the little island, explore and photograph a proper Greek wedding.

santorini wedding photographer

Santorini Island Wedding Photographer

The island is relatively easy to get with regular flights. As you fly over the Mediterranean sea, you start to see the Greek Islands dotted around. To be more precise, Santorini is an island in an archipelago (the Cyclades islands) located in the southeast Aegean Sea.

There was a massive volcanic explosion about 3600 years ago, and this gives Santorini. It's unique shape as on the high side, there remains a half-moon shaped caldera (volcanic crater). The views from the caldera are amazing as you look over other islands, but it also allows you to see much of Santorini Island from one end to the other. You can see some of the more popular towns as many of them have built up by the coast because of the fantastic views.

Fira, Imerovigli, Oia.

Santorini attracts many photographers not just for weddings but also for its incredible scenery and beauty, I really recommend visiting:

  • Fira is the modern capital of Santorini Island. It lies on the western side on the edge of the caldera approximately 400 meters above the sea.
  • Imerovigli lies to the north of Fira. The views of the bay are some of the best, and this is definitely a quieter and more secluded area with many boutique hotels and restaurants and cafes with sea views.
  • Oia village lies even further to the north and further west and is not as high up as Fira and Imerovigli. The white-painted houses and Greek Orthodox churches with their blue-roofs with cupolas are beautiful.

Santorini wedding experience

This Santorini wedding is just a brief glimpse of a fantastic wedding. I hope my photos do some justice to the island's beauty. My favorite images are those from the white rooftops against the blue sky, and of course, the great sunset shots. If you like them, you may want to see some lake and glacier images from a wedding in Canada or have a look at those over the top Spanish wedding.

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