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austin texas wedding photographer

After this fantastic wedding near Cape Town, it is now time to be an Austin Texas wedding photographer! It is exhilarating to be visiting Texas and photographing another lovely event for special people. I know this family well as I also shot a wedding for them in Portofino, Italy.

austin texas wedding photographer

Omni Barton Creek Resort

The Omni Barton Creek Resort and Spa is an award-winning resort about twenty-five minutes from the heart of downtown Austin. The resort is known for its golf courses, and the hotel sits right in the middle of them. Omni Barton Creek is one of the best wedding venues in Austin. It is located not far from downtown Austin but sits in some of the Texas hill country that surrounds Austin.

The day before the wedding, there is a casual rehearsal dinner at a famous local steakhouse. This is an excellent place for guests to have a drink and get to know each other if they didn’t already. This gives me plenty of opportunities to photograph candid moments of friends and family enjoying themselves.

The big day is here!

On the morning of the wedding, there is a very crisp frost, so I start the day early capturing a few shots of the icy white golf course before it thaws. As I wander outside, it is easy to see why Omni Barton Creek is one of Austin’s top wedding venues for outdoor weddings. The large oak trees and the perfectly well-kept ground around the golf courses are beautiful.

Inside, each side of the bridal party is getting ready in different parts of the hotel. After some detail shots, I photograph the bride and her bridesmaid’s preparations, and then it is time for the groom and guys to get ready.

St.Emmaus Catholic Church wedding

The wedding ceremony itself takes place at the St.Emmaus Catholic Church about twenty minutes from Barton Creek.

It is nice to see a relatively unplugged wedding, there are very few cell phones and cameras present during the ceremony. This has become a big problem at modern weddings. Lately, it is getting quite a lot of media coverage in the wedding world.

austin texas wedding photographer

I photograph the ceremony in an exceptionally discrete manner as this church requires a highly respectful approach. Thankfully, I am a master at the art of being minimally invasive with a camera!

After the ceremony, we take group photos by the altar. At the same time, the majority of the guests made their way back to the resort. I use some off-camera flash to quickly correct the imbalance in the lighting and voila! As soon as I am set up, we rattle through the various combinations of family photos.

As the happy couple exit the church there is a shower of white petals and we then jump in a car and go for a photo session in the countryside not far from the resort.

austin texas wedding photographer

Austin Texas Wedding Photographer

The bride chooses to have her couple portraits at a destination near Barton Creek – The Rock House. Here the countryside is lovely, and the sun filters down through the trees and creates some beautiful light for me to use.

This is actually another wedding venue about 5 mins from the main resort and is a very quiet and tranquil place in the countryside. I would recommend considering a wedding here at the Rock House if you have a small intimate wedding party.

austin texas wedding photographer

Omni Barton Creek Reception and Party

Once we have enough photos, we return to the Omni Barton Creek Resort. The guests are outside enjoying drinks and the last few rays of sunshine. The cocktails on the terrace allow me to capture some shots of the guests and interactions between loved ones. 

The Pavilion banquet hall is intriguing as the architecture merges the hotel with the countryside and brings the outdoors inside. Before the guests are allowed to enter, I walk around and capture some images of the decorations and florals. Next, the bride and groom make an energetic entrance and immediately perform their first dance.

austin texas wedding photographer

Following this, the bride dances with her father and the groom with his mother. Later in the evening, they cut a beautiful wedding cake. There is also a fun chocolate sponge cake that looks like a golf bag. This is the groom’s cake as he is a real golf aficionado like make in Austin and Texas.

Lots of dancing and partying ensues, with plenty of tequila-based cocktails to fuel and energize people the dance floor is full of avid disco divas! Much later on, there is a noisy send-off for our newly-weds. They drive off into the night under a shower of confetti while sitting in the back of a golf cart!

Austin Texas Wedding Photographer

Below is a gallery of wedding photos of this Austin TX wedding! If you need a top Austin wedding photographer and want something a little different from the local talent, then drop me a message. I travel for weddings everywhere and would love to listen to your ideas and use my experience to create some extra unique images for you too!

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