eden roc wedding ascona switzerland

Eden Roc wedding Ascona Switzerland

This Hotel Eden Roc wedding takes place on the northern shores of Lake Maggiore. Ascona is a pretty lakeside town that attracts many tourists and visitors, both for its character and also a lovely position with access to the lake and mountains. It is a real pleasure for me to present this wedding, the clients are some of the most pleasant people I have met. I would also like to make a special mention to the hotel staff, they were stellar in the assistance and making this Hotel Eden Roc Ascona wedding fabulous.

Eden Roc wedding – Details and the groom's preparations

I start the day at Hotel Eden Roc with some photos of the lake and surroundings. These give me a chance to gather some thoughts and ideas for the day, the hotel is extensive and covers quite a lot of ground. The hotel interiors are continually changing in design and style, this will also make the wedding a little more challenging to storyboard together in terms of its style and theme. After 5 minutes, I have a game plan, and so it is time to get stuck in.

eden roc wedding ascona switzerland

My first thing to do is to take a few pictures of the groom's accessories. Next, I photograph him getting ready with his best men. They all look very sharp in their black-tie. Instead, the groom is wearing a deep blue tuxedo by Ermenegildo Zegna. They help each other with their cuff-links, bow ties, and boutonnieres. Once ready, we move to the bar at the Eden Roc, an excellent spot for some photos, and a good pre-wedding whiskey-sour. There are plenty of jokes and great camaraderie between the four of them.

Outside the bar area, there is a wall with a funky floral/maritime theme that I can't resist. I take some portraits of the groom against this wall and love the way the colors pop out. Finally, it is time for them to go to church. Exiting the hotel, they look more like the ensemble to Ocean's Eleven… super cool!

eden roc wedding ascona switzerland

The bride getting ready for her wedding

In the meantime, the bride is now available after her hair and makeup. We meet on the lakeshore, I take some photos as she collects her thoughts as she walks to her room to put the dress on. The weather is perfect, the sun glistens off the smooth lake surface, and we are all extra excited for the great day ahead.

Obviously, her dress is stunning, and so are her shoes and accessories. I photograph all of these things together with the beautiful stationery. She effortlessly puts the dress on with her mother's help. Her boots are by Sergio Rossi, perfume by Dior, and bag by Dolce & Gabbana. The motif for their wedding is Italian Maiolica design, this is present in the stationery and in the bag, and the theme will recur throughout the day. On completing her getting ready photos, she exits the hotel, and it is time to leave Eden Roc and head to the church for the wedding!

Ascona wedding at Madonna del Sasso Church

Straightaway, we are on the road climbing the hills to the church. This is a famous location, Il Sacro Monte Della Madonna del Sasso di Orselina. Many people come to visit this special place that sits on an outcrop of rock and has incredible views of the lake and mountains.

Waiting outside the church is the bride's father. When he sees her for the first time, he is overjoyed. Within a few moments, the processional starts, and the wedding ceremony is underway.

A lovely joyous mass with an entertaining priest and beautiful music too. They exchange rings and a kiss, and before they know it, they are married.

Afterward, everyone makes their way to one of the courtyards where there are some refreshments and a lot of congratulations.

eden roc wedding ascona switzerland

Eden Roc wedding – Isola di Brissago

With the family photos done, we jump in our car, and the chauffeur takes us back to Hotel Eden Roc. A speedboat awaits to take us to Isola di Brissago. The groom pilots the boat, and we are soon back on land. The gardens on the island are unique and provide some unusual locations for photos, including a rainforest and a towering bamboo plantation. Our time on the island is all too short, but we still have many things left to do. We jump back in the boat, and we are soon back at the Eden Roc to continue the wedding reception.

As the happy couple walks off the boat and onto the pier, their friends fire gold glitter confetti cannons to welcome them to the party. The drinks reception takes place on the edge of the lake, and everyone enjoys the sunshine, scenery, and refreshments. In the car park at their in a fantastic photo booth inside a Volkswagen van, all the newlywed's friends are having a great time being silly and taking fun pictures inside it.

eden roc wedding ascona switzerland

Eden Roc wedding reception, speeches

At this point, the sun has long set behind the mountains. As the guests move to the dinner on the terrace overlooking the lake, I have a moment to take a dusky image of the couple by one of the Eden Roc's swimming pools. I love the warmth of the colors and the serenity of this image. As soon we have a shot, we move to dinner. Dinner starts with some great speeches, and then the excellent food follows. Later on, there are more speeches and some singing and slideshows. All in all, a fantastic evening by the tranquil Lake Maggiore.

Eventually, the cake with Maiolica design is brought out and cut. Finally, everyone moves inside, and a DJ takes the party on into the night.

This Eden Roc wedding in Ascona was a lot of work but great fun… check it out! If you like the snow, have a look at this luxurious Swiss winter wedding.

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