lake louise wedding fairmont chateau

Lake Louise wedding Fairmont Chateau

Traveling is fun but not always easy! It takes quite some effort to get to this Lake Louise wedding! Things go constantly wrong with the planes, connections and luggage and constant airport malfunctions. However, I always allow a lot of extra time for unforeseen delays and complications and in this case, we need all of it.

This is the last day of a long celebration. We have already had 2 days of festivities. So far it is an incredible experience in a beautiful part of the world. We start with a welcome party in Calgary and then the following day there is a more formal ceremony in Calgary for some guests that won’t attend the celebration in the mountains.

lake louise wedding fairmont chateau

Fairmont Chateau wedding Lake Louise

Lake Louise lies in some pristine national parkland in the Canadian Rockies. The clean air and crystal rocky mountain water feed the awesome nature that surrounds us. This is a stunning location! The wedding day starts with preparations at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. In the morning I hop back and forwards between two rooms. I quietly photograph their individual preparations prior to the ceremony. The wedding is held right in front of the lake. Being a national holiday, we do have to deal with quite a few onlookers and tourists that are wandering around.

lake louise wedding fairmont chateau

There is a path that follows the water’s edge and this is a public path with a lot of foot traffic. The challenge is to find the angles and locations where you can’t see anyone other than the bride and groom and their guests!

After the ceremony, we go for wedding photos around Lake Louise. This is some fun photography as the goal is to capture the couple in love with that epic view in the background. It’s interesting to think that in winter this a frozen lake!

lake louise wedding fairmont chateau

Wedding Reception in Banff

Today, the ceremony and reception will not be help at the Farimont lake Louise instead after the ceremony we will return to have the reception banquet in Banff. Once I am happy with the photos we make the one hour journey to Banff city where they have a lovely outdoor reception, we enjoy some fun activities and listen to many amazing speeches. I also manage to take some photos of the happy couple by the river before the sun disappears and the party starts!

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