Intimate Portraits – Couple Photo Session – Together Forever

Intimate portraits in Tuscany

Your photo session and portraits as a couple are most likely the photos that will make it to enlargement, and ultimately onto a wall in your home. After the wedding ceremony, at some stage, I will take you for a few photos together.

We’re not comfortable having our photos taken

The single most common thing I hear from all my clients is that they feel uncomfortable and nervous about someone taking their photos. This is completely normal. We all feel uncomfortable when we have to do things that we have little or no experience doing. Unless you are a celebrity or model, it is unlikely that you are often photographed by a professional photographer, hence, I understand that it will be a new feeling for you.

I choose to leave your photos until later in the day. This way you are feeling amazing. You are now married and your wedding is going perfectly… you are having the best day of your lives.

When I am taking your photos I am not going to pose you making you feel awkward, I am going to ask you to take a stroll, hold hands, talk to each other and express yourselves to one another. Walking and talking are things you do all day, every day, so you are experts at it. Total relaxation is normal when we are doing things that we don’t even have to think about.

Admittedly, I always choose somewhere with beautiful surroundings and fantastic light for your photos. By doing things that for you are completely effortless you will get photos looking happy and in love in one of the most beautiful places on earth. There are plenty of examples on my website.

Romantic stroll at sunset

How long will our couple session /portraits take?

In the months running up to the wedding, we will discuss how much time you want to allocate to these pictures. It doesn’t take long at all to do them. I can take lots of great photos of you in one location in a minute, but what takes time is moving from one place to another for photos in different places.

Remember you may not be as quick on your feet as you usually are in your wedding dress and heels! 15 minutes is the minimum amount of time for your couple session, I can create a lot of photos in fifteen minutes. If you prefer to take less time that’s fine and if you want more then great! More time means we can go to more places and change the scenery: so if you want the vineyard shots as well as olives, and cypress trees and white roads then we will have time to go to them.

My clients say they really enjoy their private photo sessions. It’s an opportunity to get away from the guests and spend a little time alone. During the entire day you will have been apart up until the ceremony, and then after the ceremony, you have people to talk to and so you won’t really have an opportunity to be together. Well, now is your chance…

I want to take you away to a quiet place with some beautiful scenery and perfect light, and just let you be you.

Advice to get better photos/portraits of yourselves

  • Make sure you check and refresh your hair and makeup before we start the photos.
  • If you want to be adventurous consider switching to a pair of wedges that are the same height as your heels. It will make it easier to walk on soft ground.
  • Try and avoid creating tan lines prior to your wedding.
  • Moisturize – dry skin, especially the lips is very difficult to Photoshop.
  • Make sure you are not hungry or need the toilet!

After your short private photo session, you can either head back to the cocktails and aperitifs or it may be time to go to the wedding dinner and the reception.