Cocktails – Aperitif – Group Photos

stylish family group photo

After the ceremony, I suggest you head to the drinks reception and start enjoying yourselves. You can talk to your guests and mingle and enjoy the fact that you are now married – mission accomplished!

NB. During the cocktails, I take lots of pictures of the guests while they are having a good time and socializing with other people. You won’t find many examples of these on my site as I prefer not to show these images for privacy reasons. However, they do exist and you receive them along with all the photos from your event. Should you have a very large wedding party and want everyone photographing then I can bring another photographer who will focus on the guests.

The cocktails are time for you to just relax, soak up the atmosphere and have a good time.

At some stage during the cocktails, we will also take some group photos with family and the bridal party. If you don’t want to do any group photos that’s fine. But if you do, then I suggest you write a list this way we can avoid any issues on the day. I can’t write this for you as I don’t know who is in your family and the relationships between the people. A list will help you avoid forgetting someone important. I will bring the list with me and the best man can also keep a copy in his jacket pocket.

In order to calculate how much time is required to do the groups, I would estimate about 90 seconds per group photo. This seems quick but if you think that you may require 20 group photos then that means it could take 30 mins. The time is a guide and it may take much less but it could take more.

To help speed up the process, whilst we take the photos a best man or relative who knows everyone at the wedding can help gather the next group and make sure they are ready for their photo.

Here’s a guide to some of the group photos you might want to consider. A lot will also depend on your actual family members and relations. Remember it is just a guide to consider and help you produce your own list.

I recommend you try and keep the family photos list as short as possible. Seeing as you are having a destination wedding I am sure that people will be with you for a few days before the wedding so perhaps you can take less essential group photos with other guests on the other days.

Group Photos suggestions

  1. Bride + brides parents
  2. Bride + brothers and sisters
  3. Bride + brides parents + brothers and sisters
  4. Bride + Groom + brides parents + brothers and sisters
  5. Bride + brides close family + brides extended family
  6. Bride + Groom + brides close family + brides extended family
  7. Groom + grooms parents
  8. Groom + brothers and sisters
  9. Groom + grooms parents + brothers and sisters
  10. Groom + Bride + grooms parents + brothers and sisters
  11. Groom + grooms close family + grooms extended family
  12. Groom + Bride + grooms close family + grooms extended family
  13. Bride + bridesmaids
  14. Bride + Groom + bridesmaids + groomsmen
  15. Groom + bestmen
  16. Bride + Groom + EVERYONE!