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Sorrento wedding photography

couple at sunset in Sorrento

Amalfi Coast weddings are very popular and this was my chance to do some Sorrento wedding photography.

People that decide to get married on the Amalfi Coast choose from either Ravello, Sorrento, Positano, Capri or Amalfi. These are the most popular options for Amalfi Coast weddings. Sorrento is closest to Naples and a popular location as it is easy to visit the other famous spots from there.

As you come round the corner from Sant’Agnello it is an impressive site as you see the coastline and Sorrento lying in front of you. I started my day at Villa dei D’Armiento. This villa is located just a few steps from the coast but set back in its own gardens such that it is secluded.

The men got ready outside and the groom gave them all a pair of custom Nike shoes as a gift. Once they were ready they had a few drinks and prepared themselves for the ceremony which was to be held at another villa nearby.

The girls got ready inside the villa. The bride had planned to meet her future husband before the ceremony so they could exchange some tender moments together. Once she was prepared and ready she came down to the villa gardens to surprise him.

After their romantic and emotional first look we all went to Villa Silvana, another villa that is only a couple of minutes drive away. A lovely wedding ceremony was held over looking the bay and afterwards drinks and cocktails followed on a private terrace.

After family photos I took the newlyweds for a few photos at the cloisters of San Francesco. Sorrento wedding photography can be quite challenging as the town is very popular with tourists and so it requires some patience to find the quiet moments. Once we had grabbed the required shots we returned to Villa Silvana for dinner, cake and dancing.

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