Villa Cimbrone wedding

Portrait on Infinity Terrace at Villa Cimbrone wedding

Photographing weddings on the Amalfi Coast is truly exciting but a Villa Cimbrone wedding is breathtaking!

What’s so special about a Villa Cimbrone wedding?

This magnificent venue lies at the end of Ravello. Hidden behind its imposing walls and large wooden doors lie wonderful gardens and a large villa. The property is a well-kept secret as I meet lots of people that go to Ravello and never even visit the villa. This is a shame as it is the must-see for anyone who goes to visit this lovely town. Ravello is less famous than its neighboring towns Positano and Sorrento. I think this may have something to do with the fact that the town is not on the seaside but up on the hills overlooking the sea. This affords Ravello with some of the most impressive panoramas of the Amalfi coast.

Ravello’s seclusion means it remains a lot more intimate and exclusive which is ideal for anyone seeking a quieter destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast. Nowadays, Amalfi Coast weddings are popular and Ravello is one of the best destinations!

Villa Cimbrone wedding venue

How to get to Villa Cimbrone

Even if you aren’t getting married at the villa or haven’t hired the villa for your wedding reception you can still visit it and buy a ticket to enter its grounds and benefit from the many photographic opportunities on offer. There are some conditions to be aware of; for instance, if there’s another event taking place they won’t let you in and there are opening and closing times so it is a good idea to check these beforehand. It takes about a 10-minute walk to get there and you don’t want to arrive to find you can’t get in.

When you are in the main square of Ravello stand and face the Cathedral. Take the street to the right, not the large one for cars with the big tunnel, but the small pedestrian one with the shops. After a few meters, you will see a little tunnel and a fork in the path/route. You can go either way and both are tiring! Choose one and off you go – just keep walking and climbing and follow the signposts to the villa. At a certain point, the paths merge again and you just continue to the end where you will see the entrance.

shoes, rings and orchids

Some background about this wedding.

This wedding covers three of the most important wedding venues in Ravello and has been brilliantly organized by Ravello Events. The groom is going to get ready at Villa Cimbrone but the bride is getting ready at the other end of town at Hotel Caruso. The Belmond Caruso is another exceptional wedding venue. Many couples choose to have a Hotel Caruso wedding in Ravello. The bride and groom will meet in the center of Ravello for their wedding in the Duomo di Ravello. This is the church in the main square of Ravello. After the ceremony, there will be refreshments in the main square. Consequently, everyone will walk to the villa for the reception.

groom and groomsmen at Villa Cimbrone

Groom and best men getting ready

I start the day by walking to Villa Cimbrone. The groom and his best men are getting ready and are about to put on their Tom Ford Tuxedos. After a few photos of the location and gardens, I photograph the guys getting ready. They are in high spirits and everyone is very excited for the festivities to come. Once I finish I walk over to the Belmond Caruso. This is about a 10-minute walk and is quite tiring as there are many steps.

mother helping bride with dress

Bride getting ready at Hotel Caruso

At Hotel Caruso the bride is almost finished with her hair and makeup. I take some photos of her dress and accessories. Then, once her hair is ready I photograph her briefly in the garden, a short playful romantic portrait session and then it is time to put on the wedding dress. Her mother and sister help her put it on. The bride has a beautiful look of understated elegance so there are only a few accessories. Her father is ready to escort her to the church and so we all walk to the Duomo in the center of Ravello.

Wedding Ceremony in the Duomo di Ravello

The Duomo is a lovely church, its light colors and considerable size give it a lovely open feeling. The wedding ceremony goes perfectly and nerves give way to jubilation. The emotional readings and beautiful music that accompanies the ceremony are delightful. Once they are married and the ceremony concludes they prepare to exit the church. Friends and family are outside and shower them with rice and petals as they exit. We quickly take a large group photo on the steps and then there is a prosecco toast for 30 minutes in the main square before everyone walks to Villa Cimbrone. A Neapolitan duo that plays typical local music leads the group to Villa Cimbrone.

Villa Cimbrone wedding reception

The wedding reception and party

At the villa we immediately do some family photos with the view of the Amalfi Coast as a backdrop. Then we go for a few photos around the gardens as the guests are moving to the infinity terrace. Once everyone is on the infinity terrace the bride and groom make their entrance and enjoy an aperitif and some speeches. There is a piano player who provides entertainment. As the guests are ushered towards the dinner area tastefully decorated by Malafronte floral design the terrace empties. I take the opportunity to take a few photos with the couple at the center of the terrace and then they spontaneously dance to one of their favorite songs.

The wedding reception is in the crypt. A lovely part of the villa that offers a unique and magical location for a wedding dinner. Dinner, speeches and music follow before everyone moves down to the gardens for the cake cutting. First dances and party follow. At the end of the event, there is a send-off for the newlyweds with sparklers.

This wedding is in print in You & Your Wedding magazine.

Nice to be featured in the real wedding section of the UK’s top bridal publication.

  • Published in Your and Your Wedding
  • Published in Your and Your Wedding

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