Positano Weddings – #1 Best Venues

positano weddings

Positano weddings are elegant and fun! If you are not familiar with this tiny town on the famous Amalfi Coast, then you are missing out on one of the most beautiful places to visit in Italy.

The Amalfi Coast is famous for its jagged coastline and unique architecture. Positano is probably the one place that most exemplifies this exhilarating location’s beauty and atmosphere.

When you see the views and surrounding beauty, it is easy to understand why it is one of the most desirable destinations for a wedding in Italy or romantic Italian elopement.

positano weddings

What are Positano weddings like?

Positano weddings should be about the views, the scenery and the lifestyle. You should imagine a wedding with breath-taking views that are the perfect backdrop for an elegant, chic wedding in a romantic Italian seaside town.

Most Positano weddings are for smaller and more intimate groups as the venues and villas are smaller and less suitable for large wedding parties. Positano is ideal for 2 – 60 person weddings. If your guest count is higher, you may be better off looking at a wedding at Villa Cimbrone.

As Positano is very small, you can get around on foot, but when you are dressed up nicely on your wedding day, neither you nor your guests want to trek around the steep slopes and steps in the heat. Look for a venue where everyone can stay in the same place, or you will need to arrange transportation for the guests to and from the venue.

positano weddings

The Best Positano Wedding Venues

Here is a shortlist of the best Positano wedding venues. These venues really capture the essence and spirit of the location and offer you some excellent options for an exceptional wedding experience.

  1. Villa Treville – A stunning location with some of the best iconic views of Positano. This is one of the best luxury private villas for a wedding in Positano. It boasts many terraces overlooking the sea and breath-taking scenery all around. It also has its own remote access to the water. Just outside of Positano it is so peaceful and relaxing, but you can easily reach the city centre in a few minutes.
  2. Villa San Giacomo – A luxury villa that sits just above Positano. It has some fantastic views and buckets of elegant charm with a relaxed feel. It has a lovely pool to make up for no sea access, but with all the style and comforts that surround you, you won’t want to go anywhere. 
  3.  Villa Magia Positano – With a location sitting on top of one side of Positano, this is a lovely boutique hotel. Once again, with plenty of stunning views and an excellent terrace for your reception. 

Being on the coast can often be windy, so think about the time of year and weather. Make sure you have a good plan B for the ceremony and reception in case of rain. The best luxury private villa for weddings in Positano will offer a great solution for good and bad weather conditions.

positano weddings

Eloping in Positano Italy

If you are thinking of eloping in Positano, my advice is to do it in style and not on a budget. As one of Italy’s must-see locations, it is a bustling location with a lot of tourism. Consequently, this means that to avoid the tourists, you need to book one of the best locations, but these are expensive.

However, as you are on your own and don’t have to pay for many guests, you can hopefully splash out on yourself. A luxury private villa for a wedding in Positano will give you the exclusivity and views that you want to capture some stunning photos and make your elopement look like a dream. Imagine your Positano elopement captured by a top destination wedding photographer; the images will be spectacular.

How to get to a wedding in Positano?

Going to a Positano wedding? If you are, I suggest you try and add on a few days to make sure you have time to visit Capri, Amalfi, Ravello and Sorrento. The Amalfi Coast is on many people’s travel bucket lists, so you should definitely make the most of this excellent opportunity to explore some of the other unique places.

If you fly into Naples, you can hire a car or get a driver to take you to Positano. It will take about an hour to get there. There are very few roads on the Amalfi Coast, so the traffic is often relatively slow.

The coast road is very twisty, so you can’t rush to get anywhere, always allocate enough time for your journeys. It can often be faster to take a boat than to drive in summer, so remember to allow plenty of time for moving around.

Tips from a Positano Wedding Photographer

Hire a wedding planner and talk to your photographer to work out the best approach to the day. Timings and logistics are essential when talking about an Amalfi Coast wedding. By discussing your ideas and working together we can achieve your dream wedding! Get in touch and discover our experience and passion for Positano weddings!

Italian and destination wedding photographer Jules Bower photographs weddings in Italy, Europe, and worldwide. British but fluent in Italian, his strong artistic vision and vast experience in the wedding industry make him unique. His wife is a top wedding planner in Tuscany.

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