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As a photographer I work with the best wedding planners in Italy and am more than happy to make recommendations. If you want some referrals just ask me. I ran a large wedding planning agency for years; so I know exactly what it takes to be a top wedding planner in Italy. Trusting someone with the organization of your special day is a big step, but an important one if you want to have a stress free wedding.

I believe it is important for a photographer to work closely with the wedding planner. In order to get the best results the timing, schedules, lighting, and locations are all factors that influence the photos. If the photographer liaises with the planner (and vice-versa) this will produce even better results.

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How to choose a wedding planner for your wedding in Italy?

So you need a wedding planner for a wedding in Italy. Word of mouth recommendations and reviews are an excellent start to the selection process. You can also choose a planner based on the style of wedding you want. If the company you are reviewing only does shabby chic weddings, and you want another style, then you should choose a company that will produce your ideal wedding; or at least demonstrates their ability to be creative and produce events in a variety of styles. Every wedding can and should be unique. Just because the internet is saturated with facsimile weddings doesn’t mean your wedding should look like someone else’s.

The wedding planners I work with are highly recommended. Some do events all over Italy and others prefer to work more locally. A good planner should help you find your perfect wedding venue. When you start your search, if you already know that you want to marry in Tuscany then you should research “wedding planner Italy Tuscany”. If you search for “getting married in Italy wedding planner” then you will get results from companies all over Italy. Some of those results will be from large agencies that easily work everywhere, but, some will be from companies that are in the wrong region and therefore may not have experience planning in your chosen destination.

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Next, contact them to ask for their prices. Give them as much information as possible as that will allow them to give you an accurate quotation. Talk to them and interview them to see that they are able to understand your ideas and vision. You also want to check that you can communicate with them efficiently during the planning process as this will avoid frustration and the risk of things being lost in translation.

When it is time to sign a contract check the fine print to make sure you are happy with the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Which are the best Italian Wedding Planners?

There are large companies and also small boutique agencies or bespoke wedding planners. The best wedding planner in Italy will be the one that you connect with and the communication is easy and clear. You will feel that they understand your wishes and requests. Dreams can come true and attention to detail is an essential characteristic for a wedding planner. These attributes are evident in a person or business from their website, marketing materials, and of course examples or their work.

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How much does a wedding planner in Italy cost?

Some charge a set fee and that’s it. It doesn’t matter what you want the fee is the same. Others charge depending on the budget for your wedding day or even the number of guests that are attending can influence the price. Are you having one day or multiple events spread over a few days? Do you want a symbolic wedding ceremony or a legally binding marriage? Often there is a price increase for a church or civil wedding due to the paperwork that needs to be done.

What about English wedding planners in Italy?

There are some excellent English wedding planners in Italy, but Italian wedding planners are equally competent. What I would not suggest is hiring a wedding planner in the UK to plan a wedding in Italy. They will likely not have the local knowledge and connections with the local service providers. Also if you are getting married in Italy it’s really important to have at least one person who is fluent in Italian on your team. The one situation you want to avoid is a wedding planner who reaches out to local wedding planners and contracts with them to help you as you will probably end up spending more money than necessary.

Every year, lots of people successfully plan a destination wedding in Italy, you can too! Read on to hear how we can help you plan your wedding in Italy.