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Wonderful wedding in Settignano

Bride and bridesmaids at wedding in Settignano

A lovely wedding in Settignano at one of my favorite Florence wedding locations. The day actually starts at a 5-star hotel a little closer to Florence. After greeting everyone and asking for the accessories I set about taking a few shots of those details. The groom is hanging out with his brother, meanwhile, the bride is having hair and make-up. I have time to invent something with their stationery and some flowers and then I head outside to take a few photos of the impressive hotel.

Preparations and “The First Look”

I photograph the groom getting ready with his brother, father, and father of the bride. They are relaxed and excited for the big day ahead. The groom’s brother helps with the cufflinks and bowtie and within no time they are all looking sharp and ready for a wedding! Next, the bride needs to get into her first dress, she has 3 dresses for the day. The main dress is a flowing gown with a substantial train. Once she is in the dress, she quickly puts on her accessories and then we go to meet the groom. They have decided to see each other before the ceremony so that they can share their emotions and feelings together in private and not in front of the congregation at the ceremony.

They meet outside in a quiet angle of the villa and they spend a moment whispering to each other, they express their feelings of excitement and joy and once they are ready we then take a few photos in the Italian garden. Next, we all have to transfer to the wedding venue. It is a short drive of not even 10 minutes.

portrait at wedding in Settignano

The wedding in Settignano at the villa

I arrive at the villa with the groom and he meets his best men. I take some time to capture some photos of them all together before they head off to greet the guests. While they do that I then take the bride and bridesmaids for a walk in the gardens and take a few photos of the girls helping the bride with her dress.

The ceremony takes place at the end of one of the long lawns in a grotto/amphitheater area. The mood is sweet as they share beautiful well thought vows to each other. The mass lasts about 20 mins and is conducted by a family friend. In the end, there is confetti and then everyone moves to the front garden for drinks and celebrations.

Portraits, Dinner and Party

As the afternoon progresses it time to take all the family photos. These are fun and come out beautifully in the main grotto. Just before the reception, I take the couple for a portrait session close to sunset. Dinner is inside the marquee and after some hilarious speeches the cake is cut and the party starts!


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