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Basilica di San Miniato al Monte wedding

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A gorgeous wedding at San Miniato al Monte church in Florence. This is the famous church that looks over the entire city of Florence from its impressive location above Piazzale Michelangelo. The church dates from the 11th century and is one of the finest examples of Romanesque architecture. It is a notoriously tricky church to photograph, but, that is why I love this wedding because I like a challenge!

The wedding Venue

Besides the incredible church, the rest of the event will take place at one of the most beautiful villas outside Florence.

The first day, there is a welcome dinner in the grotto. It starts a little late due to some delays with flights arriving into Florence. The dinner is a lovely relaxing affair which concludes with a dramatic performance by a tenor. He appears on the upper terrace of the grotto and surprises everyone. The string lights and dramatic surrounding of the grotto together with the opera music are a unique but fitting combination. The evening is the perfect start to the festivities.

San Miniato al Monte wedding

The wedding at Basilica di San Miniato al Monte

It’s the wedding day and the villa is a hive of activity, people are preparing and setting up for the big day. After taking some photos of the details I head upstairs to catch up with the guys who are getting ready in the living room. They are in high spirits; I simply leave them to do what they need to do and take pictures as they do it.

Next, it’s the bride’s turn to get ready. She prepares with her sister and before long she is dressed and ready to leave for the church. She makes a perfect entrance to her San Miniato al Monte wedding. The ceremony follows, it is emotional, humorous and touching. The church looks wonderful with the architectural uplighting making a quite a difference to its appearance. Just about an hour later the ceremony finishes and the happy couple exits to cheers and confetti. As the guests make their way to the villa I take a few images with the newlyweds using the incredible views over Florence. Next, it is time to leave San Miniato al Monte so they jump in their own car and drive themselves to the villa.

Reception and Party

Back at the villa, there are aperitifs, family photos some more portraits of the newlyweds, and then dinner starts. There are some very entertaining speeches, great food and flowing wine. Later in the evening, the cake is cut overlooking Florence and then the party starts in the courtyard.

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