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Karen Mok official wedding photos

On 1st October 2011 I was honored to be back at Il Borro, the Ferragamo estate, to photograph the wedding of award winning singer and actress Karen Mok. The Hong Kong based singer/actress, who won the Best Mandarin female performer award again this year and has a long string of successful albums and movies under her belt, such as Around the World in 80 Days, Black Mask with Jet Lee and the The Vampire Effect playing Jackie Chan’s drunken bride no less, has tied the knot with German first love Johannes.

It was great to work with Louise Ferragamo again after our last event together at Il Borro, and true to style the whole affair was impeccably orchestrated.

Due to the high profile nature of the wedding and for privacy reasons the photos published here only show certain moments of the wedding.

Il Borro. The quiet private village in Tuscany where Karen Mok’s wedding was celebrated. Karen fell in love with Il Borro in 1995 and she chose to get married at the picturesque church in the medieval village of the estate.

the beautiful village of Il Borro where Karen Moks gets married

These dolls rode on the front of the buggy that transported the bride to the church.

Karen has these dolls attached to her golf cart

Il Borro church is ideal for an intimate wedding.

The lovely intimate church at Il Borro where Ken Mok is married

Karen Mok’s customised lace wedding gown was designed by Hong Kong designer Johanna Ho. Ferragamo custom-made a one of the kind pair of shoes for her and she was wearing De Beers jewelry. Karen chose a pink colour scheme for her wedding in order to create a romantic atmosphere.

Just one of countless happy moments between Karen and Johannes.

lovely moment between Karen Mok and her husband

Karen Mok signs the wedding register and we prepare to exit the church.

Karen Mok signing the register

In Italy to celebrate being just married the guests shower you with rice as it is Italian tradition that brings good luck.

Karen Mok is showered in rice as per Italian tradition she exits the church

The wedding car was secretly decorated during the wedding ceremony so that it was ready for their departure.

Here we can see the happy couple driving down the driveway as they return to the main villa of Il Borro.

After a beautiful wedding reception we headed outside onto the terrace for cake and champagne.

Karen Mok cutting her cake

After the wedding cake the party got started with music and dancing.

Karen Mok cutting her cake

Karen dances the night away!

Karen Mok dancing at her wedding party

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