Luxurious Ca Sagredo wedding in Venice

ca sagredo wedding venice

This Venice Ca Sagredo wedding is close to my heart. I really put in a lot of work to make it happen. I not only photographed it but I basically organized it too with the help of a great team.

Ca Sagredo wedding – Details and Preparations

The day starts at Ca Sagredo hotel. This is a great location for a Venice wedding. The five-star hotel is close to Rialto Bridge and a short ride by water taxi from Piazza San Marco.

ca sagredo wedding venice

I love to photograph details and this wedding is full of them! I start with the groom’s accessories, his cigar with a custom cigar ring, his custom lighter, glasses, cufflinks and bow ties. The bride has some extravagant shoes by Dolce & Gabbana that make quite a statement. I play with the details such as the rings and sunglasses and also the invitation card. The bride painted the watercolor design herself.

ca sagredo wedding venice

Next up is the dress. And what a dress! The dress is unique and huge. It takes 3 people to move it! I know the dress is going to be a challenge for the day. It will involve some thought on how to manage that quantity of fabric and move it around. We know for sure that a gondola ride is out of the question as there are no gondola’s big enough for the dress!

The bride and groom get ready separately. First up, the groom gets ready with his best man. They are both in high spirits as they know it is going to be a fun day ahead. Meanwhile, the bride is finishing hair and makeup. Once I finish with the guys I head over to the bride and we get her into her incredible dress and her lovely accessories.

ca sagredo wedding venice

The “First Look” – Ca Sagredo wedding

They choose to have a first look as they wish to go to the church in a water taxi together. They also want to spend as much time as possible together on their wedding day. We do the first-look in the Portego which is a lovely hall area in hotel Ca Sagredo. The first look is fun and their excitement is quite apparent. Once we are ready we go downstairs where a water taxi is waiting to take us to the church.

Venice wedding at Isola di Lazzaro degli Armeni

The church is the Armenian church on the Isola di Lazzaro degli Armeni. It is about a 30-minute water taxi transfer from Ca Sagredo to the island. The church is decorated with many white callas. The wedding ceremony goes perfectly. At the end of the ceremony, we take plenty of family and guest photos before a few photos of the newlyweds in the cloisters.

We then take the water taxi to Piazza San Marco for a few photos before heading back to Ca Sagredo.

ca sagredo wedding venice

The reception takes place in the Music Room. The decor is sumptuous and extravagant, the dining table is laden with pinks reds and fuchsias as well as plenty of gold. After dinner, there is a short speech by the best man and then we have the cake cutting. The bride and groom then have a Venetian masked waltz followed by a more contemporary dance. A lovely ending to a luxurious Venice wedding!

ca sagredo wedding venice

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