Sublime Val d’Orcia wedding


A Val d’Orcia wedding in May. The incredible greenery and breathtaking scenery in this part of Tuscany are what make a Val d’Orcia wedding so special. The day before this wedding the weather was not good at all, it basically rained all day with only a tiny glimpse of sunshine. When people have flown from all around the world to gather in one of Italy’s most famous gardens for a wedding you really need the weather to cooperate! The day starts wonderfully sunny but soon becomes overcast. Anxiety rises, but there is nothing you can do. You have to smile and act like nothing is short perfect!

Val d’Orcia wedding – The venue and getting ready

The venue for this wedding is one of my favourite places: La Foce. It blends wonderfully into the countryside and provides some of the most wonderful panoramas of the countryside. Today the groom is getting ready at a nearby hotel that is also a great location for a small wedding or relaxing retreat. The men enjoy a light lunch outdoors and then get into the tuxedos and head to the wedding venue for some finishing touches and to greet the guests as they arrive.

The bride prepares in a lovely room that overlooks the upper terraces of the Italian gardens. It’s amusing and exciting to see the guests arrive as she finishes her preparations.

wonderful Italian garden wedding

The garden ceremony

The wedding ceremony is exquisite and seems to pass in the blink of an eye. There are laughs, tears and heartfelt vows, everyone loves the intimacy and genuine atmosphere of the occasion.

After the wedding ceremony guests enjoy drinks in the Italian gardens, we then take a few family photos and about 20 mins to take some couple photos before heading to the marquee for dinner. This wedding showcases the dinner on the lawn in front of the limonaia and swimming pool. However, this is no longer an option as they want to protect the lawns. The only option for large groups and outdoor dining is on the gravel area by the two ancient holly oaks.

Wonderful speeches, cake cutting and an incredible party follow to conclude this amazing Val d’Orcia wedding.

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