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Italian seaside wedding in Puglia near Polignano a Mare

Solarium full of plants

This exciting multi cultural wedding takes place at a delightful villa near Polignano a Mare. The villa is from the 18th century. Outside there are some Italian gardens that are unique and rich with plants and statues. The inside of the villa is a classic example of rococò, an over the top style of European decoration that was the last phase of the baroque period.

As I drive to the villa I am sitting in the rain and feeling sad as I look at the ominous grey skies. I am praying that the weather will improve as I really want to capture this wedding in the sun!

Polignano a Mare wedding – Details and Preparations.

It may be poor weather outside but the entrance to the villa brings a smile to my face. The staircase is covered with ferns and spider plants. As I arrive to the first floor it opens into a solarium with some frescoes on the wall too. This is a really unique space and immediately it inspires me to use it somehow in the photos.

The groom is getting ready with his father and some friends. On the other side of the villa the bride and her ladies are having their hair and makeup done. I start with photographing the grooms preparations. The whole group is in very high spirits and full of excitement. The grooms father helps his son with his cuff-links and in turn he helps him with his bow tie. As they help each other they talk and joke and everyone is having a lot of fun. Once the groom is ready I take some photos of him with his family.

Now it is time for me to take some photos of the bride. She is getting ready in the most baroque room of the villa. It is typically rich and ornate and a fun place for her to have some getting ready photos.

It doesn’t take long for her to get fully ready and then she takes photos with her friends and some of her family. Next, the bride’s father will see her for the first time. He waits patiently outside the door and when she calls him her enters. As he sees her he is smiling proudly and then they share a more emotional moment together.

bridal portrait at Polignano a Mare wedding

The “First Look” and Ceremony – Polignano a Mare wedding

Next, the bride and groom are going to have their first look. This is when they see each other for the first time before the ceremony. This is because they want to be able to share the moment together in a private setting. It allows them to express themselves to each other and have that intimate moment in private instead of in front of all the guests at the ceremony.

After their first look, there are a couple of photos of the bride and groom with their parents and next we move to the ceremony. The ceremony takes places in front of the museum which is at the bottom of the gardens behind the villa. There is a string quartet that provides beautiful music during the ceremony and all the guests enjoy the intimacy and romance of the occasion. During the ceremony the weather changes rapidly and all of a sudden we have bright blue skies and a pleasantly warming sunshine! It is just perfect, the couple exchange their vows and rings in front of a lovely flower arch and 25 minutes later they are married.

After the ceremony there is a large group photo with everyone involved and then we all head to the cocktails. There are plenty of local delicacies for everyone to try and the prosecco and sangria is flowing freely.

Dramatic coastline at Polignano a Mare wedding

Polignano a Mare wedding photo shoot – Italian seaside wedding

While the cocktails are ongoing the couple have a car ready to take us to Polignano a Mare. This little town is famous for the grotto and cliff side buildings. It certainly is a dramatic coastline. The sun has come out but down by the seaside there is a strong wind, the waves are crashing against the shoreline and the air is full of sea mist. We take photos with the dramatic coast line and accept the “wind swept” look as part of the experience! After all, it is an Italian seaside wedding so we need to embrace the elements. I also take a few images with Polignano a Mare behind them before we work our way back to the villa.

The reception, cake cutting, first dance.

Back at the villa the reception area is beautiful, the fairy lights and flowers are all lovely and create a wonderful atmosphere for dining under that stars. There are two quick toasts by the bride and groom and at the end of the dinner they have their first dance and then cut the cake. Everyone then moves downstairs and there is a party that goes on into the night.

I love photographing weddings in Tuscany but this Polignano a Mare wedding and working at an Italian seaside wedding has been a fun experience!

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