Perfect Hair and Make-up for your wedding in Italy

Looking to get married in Italy? If the answer is yes and you care about your wedding photos then you should start to research vendors that can help you have perfect hair and make-up for your wedding in Italy.

The client is the most important person at a wedding. Next most important is the photographer.

The photographer is the only person at the wedding providing a service and product that continues after the wedding. The wedding finishes and probably the next day all the service providers have finished their work and are moving onto their next job. The photographer has only done the first part of their work on the wedding day and they must now start the next phase and provide the client with their images and products. The caterer’s food and drink is consumed but doesn’t go home with you. The flowers are thrown away or kept until they die or worse yet taken away and reused or resold. The photographer provides a record that can last forever.

A good photographer has the ability to make things that aren’t that great look better or even beautiful. A poor photographer can also take something beautiful and make it look terrible.

So what does all of this have to do with perfect hair and makeup in Italy? In my opinion, the third most important person at the wedding is the hair and makeup artist or team.

You might disagree with this but hear me out. If the food isn’t great for your wedding you will still have good photos. If the flowers aren’t what you wanted it won’t influence the outcome of the photos. If the musicians sound horrible you may be upset but eventually, you’ll probably laugh about it.  If it rains keep smiling and you will still have good photos. However, if the person doing your hair and make-up does a really bad job with your hair then it doesn’t matter how good the photos are or how much money you spent on your wedding you will always look at your photos and struggle to see past how bad your hair looks.

hair and make-up wedding italy
Hair and Make-up wedding Italy

It would be awful to buy a wedding dress that costs the same as a small car and get lucky with the weather and have a perfect sunset as a backdrop for your photos but you have really bad hair! Hair and make-up can directly influence the photos in a significant way and so for me they are a very important aspect of a wedding. I know that hair and makeup is often an area where people try to save money but I believe this is a risk that shouldn’t be taken. I have seen many tears before a wedding because the hair is wrong or the make-up makes you look older or like a drag queen and these are highly stressful moments that can ruin the wedding day and photos. I know that a few hundred saved here and there can add up and help but if you think that the area to cut on is hair and make up my advice would be to try and save in another area; sure you might save a little by using the slightly cheaper supplier but what if that little saving meant that you will never be able to truly enjoy looking back at your wedding because in every photo you will have a constant reminder of their poor work. I can fix flyaway hairs or fill in a patch of hair in post processing but I cannot correct a really bad hair day.

A decent stylist will look at you and your dress and then discuss with you the options available. Good make-up and hair can transform a person by bringing out their strong points and perhaps covering the weaker areas if necessary. A professional will consider your size, height, build, bone structure, neck length and so much more before deciding what look to give you.

Often the person or persons doing hair and make-up will leave once they have finished their work, this is because they then return to their salon or studio and continue their normal days work so they aren’t losing any income. I suggest that you try and engage the services of someone who can remain present at least until dinner if not the entire event. This means that your hair can be adjusted if they become messy and your make up can be constantly touched up so it will stay looking fresh and vibrant as during a long wedding day in a warm country the make-up will be absorbed by your skin, the lipstick will fade as you drink from glasses and kiss the groom etc. If you have a stronger more constructed look that has a lot of pins and an entire can of hairspray holding it in place then this might last all day without moving at all but if you decide to have a soft, natural-looking hairstyle then there is no way that it will last for 10 hours without having some issues, because it is soft and gentle it is likely to start to fall apart after a few hours.  By having someone present all day they can constantly fix any issues for you. They can also remove the veil if you are wearing one and later in the day you can also change your look should you have different accessories for the evening or perhaps another dress for the evening.

hair and make up wedding italy
Hair and Make Up Wedding Italy

A makeup and hair artist or team should be more involved in your day than just applying products to you and fixing your hair. Ideally, you don’t need just a hair and makeup team for your wedding you also need a wedding stylist. A stylist should be a person from a fashion background who can advise you and consult with you over the fashion and style aspect of your wedding, the dress, jewelry, colors, themes and so on.

Avoid a Hair and Make-up Wedding Italy Disaster

When choosing someone to do your hair and make up the first thing you should do is have a trial with them so you can see if they are going to do satisfactory work for you. You should consider the quality of the products they use and by having a trial you will soon realize if there are any issues with allergies or not as some people will use poor quality products and others use professional ones professional does not necessarily mean commercial so if you haven’t heard of their brand that’s probably a good thing.

If you like what they do for you at the trial you should take some photos of it so that you have a reminder to simply copy months later on when you have your wedding.

Hair and Make-up Wedding Italy Checklist

  1. Check websites to see example portfolios.
  2. Set up a trial well before the wedding date.
  3. Once you are happy with the results take photos as reminders so it can be copied.
  4. Check the stylist will use the same products on the day as this way there is no risk of allergic reaction.
  5. Ask about whether you need to wash your hair or not before the wedding day.
  6. Print out the photos from your trial as reminders or bring them on a phone or tablet.

Hair and makeup is important because it can directly influence the outcome of your photos. For me, anything that can negatively impact the outcome of my work is a concern and so I hope that by writing this it may help you to make a better decision when you have to choose someone to do your hair and make-up for your wedding in Italy.

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