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Umbria Wedding Photographer

As an Italian wedding photographer in Umbria, the region really excites me. It is just as beautiful as its more famous neighbor Tuscany but much less popular with tourists. It's like a little well kept secret in central Italy!

Umbria is becoming a unique wedding destination. It is a little off the beaten track, but this is what some clients like for their big day!

The region offers quaint medieval villages, the beautiful Lake Trasimeno, and incredibly picturesque landscapes. Of course, you can combine this with delicious food and drink, and a deep history that is rich with art and culture. Umbria is an excellent choice for a wedding: from a photographer's point of view, it definitely ticks all the boxes.

umbria wedding photographer

Planning a Destination Wedding in Umbria

Getting married in Umbria is the perfect choice if you are looking for a destination wedding with unmatched scenic beauty. You will hear people refer to Umbria as the green heart of Italy. The scenery is beautiful all year round. However, from April - June, you will see the deep green color of the lush countryside at its most intense.

Make the most out of your special day with unique locations like farmhouses, a hamlet, or even a historic castle! There are many incredible backdrops for your wedding ceremony and reception.

When planning an Umbrian destination wedding, think about the style of wedding you want. Get an idea of the size of your event, and your budget and then contact a local wedding planner.

Many people think that a wedding in Umbria is expensive, but the truth is there are options for most budgets. I am a wedding photographer, and my wife is a planner, we organize events in Umbria and all over Italy.

umbria wedding photographe

Great location for wedding photos

If you have been dreaming about a destination wedding in Italy, then you can't go wrong with hosting your special day in Umbria. You will enjoy a romantic country wedding with magnificent scenery and landscapes.

For wedding photography, Umbria is an excellent choice. The region has an endless amount of locations for gorgeous photos. As a wedding photographer in Umbria with over 15 years of experience, I know many excellent spots.

If you are looking to have your destination wedding in Umbria, then you need a professional wedding photographer who knows how to capture this natural beauty to full effect.

Planning a wedding in Umbria can be tricky. As a wedding photographer, I offer some other services to make the process easier for you:

  • Wedding Planning: Our in-house wedding planning services are ideal. If you like the idea of working with a husband and wife photography and wedding planning team, this will surely make your wedding planning easy.
  • Pre-Wedding Photography: Umbria's sprawling hills, gentle breezes, and lakeside villas make the perfect backdrop for your pre-wedding photoshoots.
  • Hair and Makeup: I prefer to work with top stylists as together, we can produce even better photos for you.
umbria wedding photographer

Your Trusted Umbria Wedding Photographer

You deserve to have the best destination wedding. Umbria's natural beauty is undeniable and makes it well worth considering for your wedding in Italy.

I think Umbria is an excellent alternative to Tuscany, it's a perfect location for intimate weddings in relaxing, tranquil surroundings. Get married in Umbria, and your wedding day will undoubtedly be original!

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