Borgo Stomennano wedding

borgo stomennano wedding with lovely table decor

This Borgo Stomennano wedding covers two days. The day before their wedding they host a lovely welcome party near the pool. You can see the images from their welcome event here.

As a wedding photographer at Borgo Stomennano I am spoilt for choice! I am a huge fan of the location because I like the architecture both inside and outside. The buildings have a lot of character and the surrounding gardens are gorgeous. As you wander from the noble main villa, and its’ perfectly manicured gardens, to the pool area you will find the more typical Tuscan country houses. These are ideal for guest accommodations and the pool area is a great space where people gather and hang out.

Borgo Stomennano wedding – Before the Ceremony

I start the day taking some images of the villa and gardens, a few photos to set the scene for this Borgo Stomennano wedding. Next, I photograph the groom who is finishing getting ready with his brother and best man. They are relaxed and happy as the previous evening went perfectly and today they have to look forward to a wedding and another wonderful party.

The bride is upstairs, once she finishes her hair and makeup I start photographing her and her bridesmaids as they assist each other in their final touches. There’s time for a glass of prosecco too just to steady the nerves. The bride decides to see her father outside and he is emotional as he sees his daughter in her wedding dress. They are also both very excited and happy!

Romance at sunset at Borgo Stomennano wedding

Wedding Borgo Stomennano – Garden ceremony

The ceremony takes place on the lawn on the top tier of the gardens in front of the villa. It’s an emotional and joyful ceremony. Their friend plays the piano and sings for them and everyone enjoys the beautiful music. There are also some readings. After they exchange their vows and rings they exchange their first kiss, then, it’s time to celebrate!

They exit the ceremony and lead all the guests to the other side of the gardens where they are all going to enjoy a refreshing cool prosecco, other drinks and canapes.

Borgo Stomennano wedding reception under the oak trees

After group photos we go for a few couple portraits, we don’t have far to go to find a few lovely spots. The driveway is beautiful if the sunlight is right and hits it at the right angle! Next, it is time for the reception dinner. This takes place at the back of the villa under the oak trees. The bare wood tables are covered with lovely flowers and candle holders, but, the chandeliers that are hanging above the tables really gives the event a lovely elegant and chic atmosphere.

During dinner, there are some brief pauses for extremely entertaining speeches. The speakers are ready and with plenty of material so everyone enjoys their jokes and anecdotes. In the end, we all move to the pool where the weekend began, there is cake cutting, the first dance and then a big party to finish a great wedding at Borgo Stomennano.

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Images from - Borgo Stomennano wedding

Images from the Welcome Party at Borgo Stomennano

The day before their wedding the hold a Tuscan pool party. There is a mixed grill, plenty of vegetarian options and even a Napoletan pizza corner with a wood fire oven. Everyone eats and drinks plenty and get to chat as thay watch the sunset and enjoy the music. An ideal start to any Borgo Stomennano wedding. Delicious!

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