Villa Cetinale wedding – Understated Luxury
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Villa Cetinale wedding – Understated Luxury

A villa Cetinale wedding tops many people’s wish list. Simply put, anyone fortunate enough to experience this location can expect a “one of a kind experience”. There is no doubt this is one of the finest venues for a wedding in Tuscany.

Two Day Villa Cetinale wedding celebration

The villa is rented for the week and is a haven of peace and quiet where you can truly relax and be inspired and energized by the beauty of the unbelievable location. Our wedding sees people gather from Asia, the UK, Australia and elsewhere to celebrate this union. Sensibly, two days before the wedding there is a welcome party. This allows everyone to enjoy themselves and not worry about overindulging as they can recover the following day and be fresh to party again on the wedding day!

villa cetinale wedding
villa cetinalee wedding details
beautiful dinner table setting

Incredible Venues

It’s the wedding day! Both the bride and groom are getting ready at Villa Cetinale. At a location as mesmerizing as Villa Cetinale you would think the wedding ceremony would be held in the gardens. Well, in this case, the happy couple decides to keep the wedding location a secret and surprise all the guests with another delightful experience. The wedding ceremony will take place at Castello di Celsa. A picture-perfect castle only 10 minutes from Cetinale – the guests are in for a treat!

The men get ready in the living room on the first floor whilst the ladies are in hair and makeup. They plan to leave and head over to the ceremony venue early to take care of a few last-minute details. With the groom and his best-men safely out the building, I can photograph the bride as she gets dressed.

Ceremony in the Italian Garden

The ceremony takes place in the Italian gardens of a stunning castle. With the imposing castle at the back and the endless vistas ahead this is a wonderful location for a wedding. The ceremony is beautifully performed by Blessings from Italy.

As soon as it concludes, the mood is joyous and fun as traditional Italian music plays throughout the recessional and during the aperitifs. The guests love the new location and relish the views and photos opportunities. Many are quite speechless that they are at another amazing place so close to Villa Cetinale.

After cocktails, some family photos and of course some couple portraits in the lovely gardens it is time we all head back for the dinner reception at the other villa.

Villa Cetinale wedding – Elegant Dinner Reception

As I arrive at the villa with the newlyweds before the guests, we take some images around the villa and I also spend some time to capture some photos of the impressive dinner decorations.

As it is now dusk when the guests arrive at Villa Cetinale they enter into the gardens that are glittering with fairy lights. They illuminate the way to the back of the villa where a marquee has been built and a romantic dinner setting is ready for the celebrations to continue.

villa cetinale wedding reception

Dinner is a social joyful occasion with great toasts and scrumptious food and wine. After the cake cutting there is a first dance and then more partying. Just before midnight there is a mind-blowing light show projection that turns the facade of the villa into a living work of art.

Following on, cocktails and dancing continue into the night to conclude this Villa Cetinale wedding.


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