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Villa Catignano wedding in Tuscany

brides shoes and bouquet at Villa Catignano

I love photographing weddings at this very quintessential Tuscan villa because there is so much to photograph and the location offers so may alternatives that the wedding can always be unique. The views and countryside surrounding the estate are amazing. Villa Catignano lies immersed in vineyards and olives and has some amazing ancient cypress trees lining one of the old entrances.

The main villa has a more noble feeling to it as this was the original villa. Some of the rooms contain fascinating frescoes and some really unique furniture and design elements which all give it a very grand feeling. The other apartments and cottages around the farm offer ample accommodation for weddings with larger groups of people.

A Villa Catignano wedding will always make some use of the Italian gardens and the lemon gardens which have lovely views over the surrounding countryside.

Only five minutes drive from the villa lies the Certosa di Pontignano. Here there is a lovely church that is often used for Villa Catignano weddings if the couple want to have a religious church wedding.

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