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Luxury Castle wedding Italy

Castello di Velona wedding venue near Montalcino Tuscany

Luxury Castle wedding Italy at Castello di Velona, Montalcino. First of all, if a castle wedding in Italy is your perfect wedding location then you might like to have a Castello di Velona wedding. Another castle wedding closer to Florence worth considering is Castello di Vincigliata wedding.

Luxury Castle wedding Italy

Montalcino attracts lovers of fine wine. They seek the local wines, above all Brunello di Montalcino, a highly sought after wine. Our location, Castello di Velona is about a 10-minute drive from Montalcino and it attracts travelers that seek a unique style and level of refinement. The castle has an impressive position and commands stunning views over the valley. It is surrounded by vineyards. Once you pass the private gate you drive up to the castle and the first thing that you notice is a sense of seclusion. Castello di Velona is a great place to relax.

This wedding is an international wedding in Tuscany. The guests come from all over the world to celebrate with their friends the couple, who are Bulgarian and German, living in London, but moving to New York! 3 days of full on celebration. Here I am showing you just a few photos from the wedding day.

The bride is super stylish and while she gets hair and makeup I photograph some details like the shoes and so on. The groom gets ready and has some “refreshment” with friends while the bride dresses. The wedding is in a church in Montalcino so we all drive to town. The ceremony is perfect. After exiting they launch doves into the sky.

Back at the castle, the fun starts with aperitifs and music. Later I take a few pictures with the couple and then we start the dinner reception and entertainment. The evening contains many lovely cultural acknowledgments of the bride’s Bulgarian background. Consequently, the guests have an incredible evening and the party just flows on into the night.

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