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Cortona wedding photography is always different. The little medieval town is small but just big enough to offer so many options for your wedding photos.

This wedding started at Palazzo di Sarteano, this is a little known venue about 30 mins from Cortona. The couple had hired the location for few days so that they could spend some time with their friends and family. The weather was perfect and the countryside was lovely and green as May usually is lovely weather.

The town has many quiet side streets that offer lovely spots for intimate imagery. As you wander around you never know what’s around the corner as you can easily find a lovely Vespa or an old Fiat 500 car that you can use in the photos. The old architecture and dramatic views can also come into play if desired.

As I live not far from Cortona it is a pleasure to work in the area as I don’t have to travel and I know the locations very well. I am really looking forward to the next time I have to photograph a wedding in Cortona.

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