Autumn wedding in Tuscany

sunset at autumn wedding in Tuscany

This Autumn wedding in Tuscany takes place at a lovely villa not far from Siena. The location is very impressive and besides the incredible interiors of the main villa, there are beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces too. Hence, one of the goals of the wedding is to try and use as much of the external areas as possible.

Getting ready

The groom and his best men get ready together in one of the larger common rooms in the villa. There is plenty of space which allows me to take photos from a distance, I just leave them to do their preparations. There is a lot of camaraderie between them, you can tell they know each other well, as they share plenty of jokes and laughs as they get ready.

The bride is upstairs and she is getting ready with the mothers and her bridesmaids. While she is finishing her hair and makeup I take pictures of her accessories and details. Then it is time for her to put the dress on. She looks amazing and everyone is super excited. Everyone takes a turn to help her with something and then they all enjoy a glass of champagne.

Autumn wedding in Tuscany – The Ceremony

The ceremony takes place on the upper lawn, a family member conducts the wedding. It is romantic and emotional and there are plenty of tears seen during the vows. One of the advantages of an autumn wedding in Tuscany is the temperatures are more reasonable. Seeing as we are all under the sun during the ceremony we are thankful that we do not have the hotter summer temperatures. During the wedding, we also have a tea ceremony which acknowledges the bride’s Japanese heritage. It is a respectful and tender moment. Finally, at the end of the ceremony, there is the smashing of the glass to reflect the groom’s Jewish background. The happy couple exits the wedding to a shower of petals and applause and then we all move to the drinks reception.

The drinks and congratulations take place on the opposite lawn. There is a marquee as this is a backup option in case of poor weather. Everyone enjoys the food and drinks as they mingle and chat with each other. I take plenty of family photos with the background of the driveway before I take the newlyweds for their photo session.

Portraits, Decor and Dinner

The location has an incredible driveway so this is an obvious place for photos. We also visit a greener area, this faces the sun and allows me to take some pictures for them with the lovely soft light at sunset. Next, I take photos of the dinner decor, the flowers, candles, and overall design. It all looks wonderful. and soon the guests are sitting and ready to welcome the bride and groom who make their entrance from the main villa.

Dinner is fun with amusing heartfelt speeches and good times as everyone enjoys the lovely atmosphere. In the end, the bride and groom make a short speech together and they then invite everyone to the pool area. The chef is making the Italian wedding cake before the guests. This is a fun moment and quite entertaining for everyone. The cake is cut and we have the first dances. The party then starts with a live band and a DJ follows on into the night.

I have worked often at this villa and love it. It allows quite some variety when designing your wedding. Some people choose to have their ceremony in the front garden, the pool area is not only great for the after wedding party but also an excellent space for a welcome barbecue.

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