Lesbian Elopement Wedding in Italy

lesbian elopement wedding in italy

I am happy to share this lovely lesbian elopement wedding in Italy and share a few ideas to make your wedding or elopement even more memorable.

This intimate elopement takes place in late August in Tuscany in a secluded retreat in the countryside. The goal was to create a personal and romantic ceremony at dusk with candlelight and a lovely backdrop.

lesbian elopement wedding in italy

The candles and blue tones in the sky are stunning for photography. Of course, to capture this exact moment, you need to get your wedding timeline right. If you take the photos too early, it is still too bright, and the candles have little effect and are much less noticeable in the pictures. If you start too late, there’s very little light left to take the photos, and the sky is already too dark!

Ideas for your lesbian elopement wedding in Italy

If you are a traditional couple, you will want to see each other for the first time at the ceremony. However, if you prefer to see each other beforehand and then enter the ceremony together, you might like the idea of having a “first look” before the ceremony.

lesbian elopement wedding in italy

Having a “first look” is an excellent idea if you want to have the ceremony quite late in the day, towards sunset or dusk. For this lesbian elopement wedding in Italy, the couple knew they wanted to have the ceremony at dusk to increase the atmosphere created by the candles and soft lighting.

After the ceremony, why not have some petals thrown for fun at your exit, and then you can open a bottle of champagne to celebrate? The idea is to give you something to do together that will be fun, celebratory and of course, a nice glass of bubbles is very refreshing! It also allows the photographer to capture your excitement and joy naturally and spontaneously.

First Look followed by photos at sunset.

After the getting-ready photos, the couple does a first look or reveal and sees each other in their wedding clothes for the first time. After enjoying these moments together when they share their feelings and excitement for the big day, we head off to take some photos.

We choose to use the best light for their portraits together and do not have to go far to find some excellent locations that provide fantastic backdrops for intimate closeups and more wide angles to include the stunning landscapes of this area.

lesbian elopement wedding in italy

Candlelit Blessing ceremony at dusk

The couple enters the ceremony area together. The lovely flower arch, lanterns, and tealights make for a very emotional and romantic setting for their intimate blessing ceremony at twilight. The ceremony is very passionate and includes some laughs, a few tears, and much excitement. The ceremony lasts around 20 minutes and is just a perfect private celebration of their love for each other.

Romantic candlelit dinner for two

They have a private dinner under the stars to end their special day. Their table is in a secluded area, and they have some flowers and candles to match the style of the ceremony décor. After all, this is not just another meal; it is their private wedding dinner and so should be something special to reflect the importance of the occasion!

lesbian elopement wedding in italy

I love working with couples to create unique and special experiences so if you are interested in achieving your own special memorable elopement get in touch!

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