The Wedding Party/Disco

The disco and party shots are great if they look like everyone is having a great time, after all your wedding should be cause for celebration when it’s time to start the party you can have your first dance and then invite everyone to join you afterwards for at least a couple of songs this way the dance floor is filled and the photos are much more fun.

Jules Bower

Italian and destination wedding photographer Jules Bower photographs weddings in Italy, Europe and worldwide. His unique approach and expertise arrive from not only an obsession with photography but also because he owned one of the first and most successful wedding planning agencies in Italy.

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  1. Andrea Howarth
    January 21, 2017 at 10:47 am

    Hi Jules,

    Thank you for all your advice on weddings in Italy, it has been very helpful. Myself and my partner are planning a wedding in Tuscany next summer – is it possible to get a price list for your services?
    Also, as I’m sure you have worked with many, can you recommend some wedding planners?

    Many thanks,


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