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Santa Maria dei Miracoli Venice wedding

Santa Maria dei Miracoli Venice wedding. This church lies in the Cannaregio district of Venice. I like this area of Venice as it has some lovely spots for photography. The area is not as busy as some other areas of Venice that are too touristy. Santa Maria dei Miracoli is a gorgeous church that has some very interesting architecture. Often, there is some interesting light coming in through the windows that can make lovely images. The altar area is higher than the congregation and gives an interesting perspective for wedding photography. The church dates back to 1489 and uses marble extensively. If you are considering a church wedding in Venice I strongly suggest you consider having your wedding at Santa Maria dei Miracoli Venice.

The wedding venue is only a short gondola ride from Santa Maria dei Miracoli. The two locations are perfect for each other.

Santa Maria dei Miracoli Venice wedding

The day starts quite foggy but Venice in the fog is very atmospheric. Walking to Ca Sagredo I take a few photos of the foggy canals and Santa Maria dei Miracoli church itself. The fog quickly burns off as it is a lovely sunny day and by the time I arrive at the hotel it is gone.

The hotel is a luxury 5 star venue. Most weddings here are usually based around the Sala della Musica (Music Ballroom). The ballroom is amazing and is a perfect location for an intimate wedding reception in Venice.

I start by taking some pictures of the hotel and its impressive interiors. The groom gets ready in a room overlooking the Canal Grande. Sensibly, the bride is in the room next door and is quietly preparing on her own. Once we are ready she meets her father who is waiting to see her for the first time.

I lead the bride and her father down the grand stairs and we take a gondola to Santa Maria dei Miracoli. Finally, we arrive at the church and for the next hour we all enjoy a beautiful wedding ceremony. In conclusion, the newlyweds exit to a shower of petals and excitement. We jump in a water taxi that takes us around Venice. It is certainly a lot easier than walking! After some photos, we return for the reception.

Persian ceremony and Wedding Reception

On arrival, I lead the couple up the candlelit main stairs. They enter the Sala Portego where they have a personal and meaningful Persian ceremony. On conclusion, we all go to the Music Ballroom for a lovely reception that includes speeches, music, the knife dance (Persian tradition), cake cutting and dancing.

A wonderful conclusion to this Santa Maria dei Miracoli Venice wedding.

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