Wedding in Umbria – Collelungo

Wedding in Umbria at Collelungo with the Lungarotti family. Morgan and Bobby were extremely lucky to be able to have their ceremony and reception in the beautiful Villas of Mimmina Lungarotti Treppaoli and Cristiana Lungarotti Pollidori who are sisters and belong to the Lungarotti family, famous for their Umbrian winery. The two families have been friends since 1959 when Mimmina went to the U.S. as an exchange student. Morgan has spent every summer with the Lungarotti family since she was 7 years old, so when it was time to plan her wedding, she wanted to have the marriage take place there, as the family and their homes were so special to her. She wanted to be close to “her Italian family” on her special day. Morgan took Bobby on several vacations to Perugia, so he also fell in love with Italy and the family. They wanted their guests from America to experience the beauty of a wedding in Umbria and the hospitality of the Lungarotti family and to meet and enjoy all of their Italian friends that have become so dear to them.

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Jules Bower

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