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Villa Baroncino garden wedding

Villa Baroncino garden wedding

This stylish English couple came all the way from Australia to have their garden wedding at Villa Baroncino. The villa is nestled in the hills just behind Tuoro sul Trasimeno and lies in pristine countryside not far from Lake Trasimeno in Umbria. I met the couple for the first time on the day, due to them being international clients we hadn’t had chance to get acquainted other than swapping emails and a chat over skype. I found the bride in a lovely apartment starting her preparations and we soon got talking.

I like the preparations as it is a good chance to break the ice and often there are other people hanging around so it is just a fun time to grab some photos. Villa Baroncino has numerous apartments and sensibly the groom was getting ready just opposite so it was easy for me to wander back and forth between the pair and photograph the preparations.

The ceremony was scheduled to take place in the garden at 3pm and this had me a little concerned about the lighting as the sun was going to be extremely powerful at that time of day and I would be battling the high levels of light and contrast. Thankfully for a part of the ceremony there was some slight cloud cover that softened the drastic lighting.

After an emotional ceremony, we moved to the pool area for aperitifs and some music and then off to dinner.

As I said this is really an area of wonderful countryside and I managed to steal away the newlyweds for a few photos around 8pm. The wildflowers are very abundant this year as we have had some late rains and the crops are also starting to ripen and become golden. Whilst photographing in the field with the purple flowers I fell in the ditch, kind of my fault as I underestimated its depth, but hopefully it was worth it for the photos. Below I have selected a few images to tell the story of this wedding at Villa Baroncino.

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Jules Bower

Italian and destination wedding photographer Jules Bower photographs weddings in Italy, Europe and worldwide. His unique approach and expertise arrive from not only an obsession with photography but also because he owned one of the first and most successful wedding planning agencies in Italy.

4 Responses to “Villa Baroncino garden wedding”

  • Adele Taylor
    June 15, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    Jules, these photographs are simply stunning, I couldn’t be more pleased! Falling into the ditch was most definitely worth it to get those amazing photos in the fields, thank you for recommending we ‘off road it a little’.

    I can’t wait to share the link with our family and friends.

    Fantastic photographer and a fantastic day, thanks again!

    Adele (very happy bride)

  • Sue Hoyle
    June 15, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    Thankyou Jules for giving us such a stunning record of Steve and Adele’s perfect day. Your photographs capture the beauty and joy of the wedding day of a couple very much in love. Whenever we look at these photographs we will be reminded of the wonderful day we shared with them as they celebrated their comittment to each other. Thankyou again Jules, Sue (mother of the groom).

  • Lyndsay (Bride's Sister)
    June 18, 2012 at 8:20 pm

    Wow, what can I say Jules. You really captured the day beautifully, elegantly and the special moments of the day with your artistic flair.

  • lizzy
    June 20, 2012 at 1:06 am

    These photos Jules are breath taking, your flair and elegance with your photographic art is absolutely stunning. There is too many photographs of beauty to comment on as individually they all tell a story as the days events unfold. If I had to comment on a particular individual photograph, I would say the one taken in the fields were they are both kisses in a haze of golden crops amongst the wildflowers. They are astonishing and look like a magazine shoot and without doubt of a 1st class professional quality.
    You have created photographs with an amazing finish and memories that can be kept forever. Truly Inspirational in everything you have captured in one day.
    Brides mum-lizzy

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