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Villa Valentini Bonaparte wedding

Rich details at Villa Valentini Bonaparte wedding

This Villa Valentini Bonaparte wedding shoot showcases a brand new venue. Sitting between Cortona and Montepulciano it boasts a fantastic position. With easy access to those two lovely destinations as well as Lake Trasimeno, Pienza and more, many wonderful sights surround it. The villa is also close to trains and highways that will lead you swiftly to Rome, Florence, Siena or Perugia.

Villa Valentini Bonaparte wedding venue

On arrival at Villa Valentini Bonaparte, the long driveway will impress you with its ancient cypress trees and lush greenery. The villa dates to the mid-19th century. Built for Princess Maria Alessandrina Bonaparte, the niece of Napoleon Bonaparte! The result is that the villa offers an interesting blend of French and Italian style that results in a unique property in a stunning area of Italy.

Inside the villa, there are large living rooms that offer ample space for receptions and parties for up to 120 people. Furthermore, the suites offer accommodation to a very high standard allowing the hosts the opportunity to stay at the villa during their event.

The property sits in its own park of woodland and well-kept gardens, these offer ample space for relaxation and hosting your events. There are lawns, an amphitheatre, woodlands and gardens where cocktails and dinners can be held. There is also a large orangerie that can host dinners for up to 300 people.

The Concept – Moody Autumnal wedding shoot at Villa Valentini Bonaparte

bridal portrait at VIlla Valentini Bonaparte

The style and concept of this shoot are simple, to showcase an autumnal wedding and not rely on gorgeous Tuscan sunsets. Now, I love a sunset and it is almost impossible for me to ignore the gorgeous evening light, but, for this series of photos, we want to show the people and work with colours and tones and create mood and atmosphere. Using autumn for inspiration is easy but putting a twist on it and being original isn’t.

To start, it looks like the weather is poor so I won’t have to worry about sunshine! I begin with some details and accessories and have a fun time putting them together. The villa is rich and lends itself well to this style of more is more. Our colour palette is a rich one with purple, burgundy, ochres, pinks, apricots, peaches and more. In order to make sense of it, I need to make careful decisions during the day.

On the contrary, I choose a simpler approach with the men’s preparations that culminates in a minimal approach for the bride. Her dress is a non-dress. And that alone is excitingly different. They call this look a wedding dress separate. She chooses a voluminous tulle bottom and a mohair top with Swarovski crystals.

woodland wedding

Dramatic Woodland Wedding with Exotic Accents

Next, the ceremony takes places in the woods on the grounds. We embrace the decadence of our surroundings and add our own embellishments. The crunching of leaves underfoot, the comforting touch of velvet sofas and scented candles, together with selective colour choices all lend to the creation of a delightful environment. To further enhance the atmosphere I add in a few smoke grenades and some gel filters on my lighting to increase the effect!

Following on, the drinks capture the feeling of a country festival with traditional music and Tuscan bites. The reception is a rich family-banquet with a contemporary twist on the long table. If you enjoy looking at this you will love this super chic wedding near Pisa.


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