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Villa Mocale wedding in Tuscany

romance in the olives after Villa Mocale wedding

Villa Mocale is situated quite close to Florence and was the setting for the days events. The bride and groom were getting ready in separate apartments nearby and so it was easy for me to wander from one to the other to photograph their preparations. The day started with great weather but in the final hours before the wedding ceremony the clouds thickened and rain threatened. Just as we were about to start the wedding under the loggia in the garden a few rain drops fell but we pressed on and tried to ignore it. The ceremony was beautifully officiated by the one of the brides brothers and many people had to fight back their tears.

Straight after the ceremony I grabbed a couple of photos with the newlyweds and then went to get some candid shots of guests at the aperitivi as we were worried that the large storm only a few kilometers away was heading for us and would send us inside. It spotted with rain again but we went on oblivious even though you could see the downpour that was taking place in the distance. I don’t know how it happened but the storm never arrived and eventually things even improved slightly and the sun almost made a comeback!

As soon as I saw the weather had improved a bit I took the bride and groom for a walk. Jacquie & Andrea are really relaxed fun people who took the weather dramas in their stride and we had a good laugh as we went for photos in the Tuscan countryside.

Here are just a few photos from this wedding in Tuscany at Villa Mocale.

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