Villa di Geggiano wedding

Villa di Geggiano wedding

Villa di Geggiano wedding – Both Villa di Geggiano and Villa Catignano for the same wedding! These are definitely two of my favourite villas in Tuscany. Villa di Geggiano is a 5 minute walk from Villa Catignano. An amazing old driveway that is lined with ancient cypress trees connects the two villas.

Villa di Geggiano is a villa with such an important history. The villa dates from the 14th century and its interiors are simply stunning. It was restored around the 18th century and has beautiful gardens and an open air theatre. The surrounding countryside is a mix of woodland and vineyards that produce the famous Chianti Classico wine. You can see some of my interior photos of a few of the rooms in the gallery. It really was a privilege for me to shoot in such a beautiful location.

This Villa di Geggiano wedding is based around Geggiano and Catignano. The groom and guests stay at Villa Catignano so I photograph his preparations there. He gets ready with his father and 2 groomsmen. Their preparations are fun and lighthearted and at the end they enjoy a toast together.

After photographing the guys getting ready I head to the other villa. I love photographing the bride getting ready as the rooms are amazing. It is like being part of a film set. Once she is ready I return to Villa Catignano. Then, the groom leads all the guests down to Villa di Geggiano. Everyone enjoys the walk as it takes only 5 minutes to get to Villa di Geggiano.

The wedding takes place in the herb garden at Villa di Geggiano. The groom’s sister sings during the ceremony and it is a wonderful moment. After the ceremony, there are drinks, food and lots of photos. Later, we head off to the vineyards for photos. After, about 30 mins of pictures we return to the villa for the reception. The reception follows in the garden in front of Geggiano’s open air theatre.

I love these venues so much because they both offer huge potential for photography and the surrounding countryside and locations for shoots are great. These villas are surrounded by olive groves, vineyards, cypress trees, old stone walls, rolling hills, white roads and just about everything that you need to shoot a quintessentially Tuscan wedding.

Villa di Geggiano wedding venue offers:

  • Beautiful historical villa
  • Unique and original location
  • Outstanding interiors to the villa
  • Al fresco dining in front of the villa and theatre
  • Wonderful countryside for portraits

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