Villa Colombaiolo Wedding – Client Testimonial

I just wanted to share this email that a client sent me as it is so rare to find people who actually take the time to write something meaningful and thus show that they do care because they took the time to think about their words and compose them. Nowadays with social media comments are often limited to just adjectives with multiple exclamation marks.

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“They say once the big day is over and the cake is eaten, all you have left is your memories and your photos. Therefore you need to make sure you choose wisely when selecting your photographer. Afterall, they are responsible for possibly the most important job you will ever hire anyone to do. This is a one-time shot. There are no do-overs. Most people have one wedding day and the photos are a massive part of that, so getting them right is paramount. My mum says she would love to get her hands on her wedding photographer. To say she was unhappy with them is an understatement. It still makes her blood boil 32 years on…and she’s not even married anymore! That tells you all you need to know about the importance of good quality wedding photography.

The first time we laid eyes on Jules’ portfolio on his website, we knew we wanted him to be the one to capture our special day. We spent hours searching through various photographers websites, but none of them even came close to Jules’ work. His photos are simply stunning. When we contacted him and were told he was available on the date we wanted, we were over the moon.

I suppose it is very different for people marrying in their home country. They get to meet the photographer beforehand and talk through all the details in advance.
For something as important as your wedding day, it can be a bit of a gamble only ever having e-mail contact with someone prior to meeting them for the first time on the day in question, but our gamble definitely paid off on this occasion. Jules made whole process leading up to the big day as easy as possible. The fact English is Jules’ native tongue definitely helps. We had a few experiences that were rather stressful when liaising with Italian suppliers etc, but there were no such issues with Jules. He was always very clear about what he needed from us as well as encouraging us to express our own wishes for the big day.

Jules says in his write-up on his website that he is more than a photographer, that he is almost like a wedding planner. If you are lucky enough to have Jules photograph your wedding, I would definitely heed any advice he is willing to give. He helped us shape the day to perfection. From giving advice on what time of day to hold the ceremony, to finding out when sunset was (the best time to have your pictures done), he knew exactly what would work well and what to do.

On the day itself, he was also a godsend. We were running a little behind and there was a lot of flapping from ourselves (we chose not to employ a wedding planner and all the last-minute decisions/problem-solving fell on our lap). Jules obviously realised this and quickly became the voice of calm and reason. He offered us advice, imposed a timeframe for us to work to and appeared to orchestrate proceedings leading up to the moment we were all safely inside the chapel. I don’t think we got the chance to thank him for all he did in the build-up to the ceremony, but hopefully he knows how much it was appreciated.

Once inside the chapel, you could’ve forgotten Jules was there (although we were a little pre-occupied with the actual nuptials!). It was a very intimate setting. The two of us, 14 guests and 2 celebrants all in a chapel that was maybe 8m x 4m. Jules worked with the florist and the celebrants to set up the Chapel in a way that allowed him to best capture the service without being too intrusive. It worked a charm as he managed to get around the chapel and take some wonderful shots without ever getting in the way of proceedings. This is all from a guy who is well over 6ft tall! A very impressive feat.

The group shots were a little challenging due to a rather strong wind that was gusting. Nonetheless, Jules remained clam and gave very clear directions to our guests in order to get the group shots done with as little fuss as possible. He managed to be very authoritative without ever being rude. Keeping 16 hyperactive people in-check without receiving a single bad-word is a very good trait for a wedding photographer in our opinion. All our guests were very taken with him, his manner and his professionalism.

Once the group shots were complete, we had a short time to relax, have a few nibbles, a glass of prosecco and a breather before setting off around the grounds of the estate we were on to have our personal shots. These are Jules’ specialty in our opinion. He somehow manages to capture the emotion you are feeling in his photos. We both agree that they are just the most stunning & emotive photos we have ever seen and we look better in them than we ever have done in any photo ever! He has definitely ruined it for us in respect of never looking that good again in photos in the future, but we are so glad that we chose Jules to capture the most important day in our lives.

The actual process of having the personal shots done can be a bit daunting if you are camera-shy. Jules has a way about him though that immediately puts you at ease and helps you relax. This makes for better quality photos that appear more natural and less staged. He communicated his wishes well and the results are simply wonderful. Everyone we have shown the photos to has been blown away. Some have even been moved to tears (no joke). The comments we have received have been nothing but positive. The majority of comments we have received have been from couples saying they wished they’d had Jules for their big day. For me, that is the biggest compliment they could pay.

We chose to have the fine art album for our photos. I could not recommend this more. We have the most beautiful chocolate-brown leather book with our stunning photos inside. It is truly a work of art. We upgraded to include the slip-case as well as the metallic paper and lamination. We wanted to ensure that our prized possession stays in mint condition for years to come. Again, I would recommend this wholeheartedly. The photos look amazing. So much better than they do on the laptop screen. It is not until you receive your album that you fully appreciate the artistry Jules has put into your wedding day. We intend to build a display case and have the book in there on a stand, showing a different page everyday. It is that beautiful.

We were lucky enough to have our dream wedding in Tuscany, with our favourite people present. We were even luckier we chose Jules to capture and document the occasion for us. Make sure you do the same. You won’t be disappointed.”

Jules Bower

Italian and destination wedding photographer Jules Bower photographs weddings in Italy, Europe and worldwide. His unique approach and expertise arrive from not only an obsession with photography but also because he owned one of the first and most successful wedding planning agencies in Italy.