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Tuscan wedding at Villa Catureglio

beautiful chapel at Villa Catureglio

Villa Catureglio consists of a villa, chapel and cottages in the quiet woodlands not far from Lucca. Villa Caturelgio is an ideal place for a small private Tuscan wedding. You can even have a civil wedding in the gardens.

The architecture of the villa is lovely, the main villa dominates the grounds and looks over the central lawn. The gardens have walls and fountains and beautiful features are everywhere. At the end of the central lawn area is the chapel, this is another strong focal point of the villa. On the lower levels, there is further accommodation in the farmhouses. Here you can also find one of the areas they use for indoor dining in the event of bad weather. However, in most cases, people dine in the beautiful garden to the rear of the villa.

This is a small wedding at Villa Catureglio, close family and friends attend the civil wedding in the garden in front of the chapel. After the ceremony, there are drinks and food to start the celebrations. The guests enjoy lovely Italian meats and cheeses as well as hot finger food. Everything is fresh and delicious, prosecco and other refreshments accompany. The local Italian musicians provide background music and everyone has a great time.

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