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Montalcino Castle wedding in Tuscany

lovely florals at countryside wedding

This castle wedding in Tuscany is on one of the hottest days in August! Despite the heat, everyone is happy and relaxed and looking forward to the celebrations. I start my day taking a few photos of the groom. Thankfully he is in a lovely cool room and he hopes to stay there right until the last minute before the ceremony. His bride is preparing with her mother in the presidential suite. As they are still doing some hair and makeup I take the dress and her details and photograph them in the entrance to the castle.

The bride has a sleek dress that takes her just a moment to slip in to. After I take a few photos of her mother helping her to finish getting ready. We have a quick reveal/first look with her father who is notably nervous and emotional to be giving away his daughter. The ceremony will take place on the north terrace at Castello di Velona, an impressive castle resort that is just 15 mins from Montalcino the home of the famous wine Brunello di Montalcino.

The ceremony under the sun is done by a family friend. All the guests are asked to make a wish and this is a lovely moment as it makes everyone feel involved and present at the ceremony. After the wedding, there are some refreshments on the north terrace, and we also have some family photos. While everyone enjoys the views and drinks I take the couple to a vineyard nearby and they enjoy 20 mins of alone time in the hills.

Dinner, Dancing and Party at a Castle wedding in Tuscany

While we are taking pictures in the countryside people work hard to set up the lovely dining area. The table is a large U-table as per the couples request. This area of the castle is the west terrace. The views from this terrace are lovely, there is also the benefit of the light coming from the sun as it disappears behind the horizon.

As the skies become a deep blue the temperatures are even more pleasant. The dinner is delicious and traditional Italian music makes a suitable accompaniment. There a couple of very emotional speeches and a loving first dance and then party starts and drifts on into the night.

If you are dreaming of a castle wedding here is one that’s a little more rustic.

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